Rory, From “A Guy Called Bloke” Tells Us How to Get After It and Provides Himself as an Example: TidePodcast Episode 38

Rory, from over @ A Guy Called Bloke, tells us how to get on with life and get after it. Rory and I had a great time together, the chemistry was off the charts!!!

Rory couldn’t help himself and he kept on calling me “Poddy” a play on words from Britchey and her need to refer to me as “Botty”! The English and their clever ways of messing with me! LOL!!!


Rory gave a Shout-Out to the following Bloggers! Check em out when you get the chance and don’t forget to tell em who sent ya!!!

Mel from over @ Crushed Caramel

Beckie from over @ Beckie’s Mental Mess

Kristian over @ Tales From the Mind of Kristian

Sadje over @ Life After 50 For Women

Li over @ Tao Talk

Dr. Tanya from over @ Salted Caramel

Ursula from over @ An Up-Turned Soul

Kristian from over @ Life Lessons Around the Dinner Table

Melanie from over @ Sparks From A Combustible Mind

Teresa over @ The Haunted Wordsmith

KK from Finding French Charming

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Afzal from Afzal Moolla

Paula over @ Light Motifs

Richa from I Scriblr

Lisa over @ All About Life

Fandango from Five Do Toh

Everyone’s Favorite “Belle of the Ball” Britchy from over @ Bitchin In The Kitchen

Angie from King Ben’s Grandma

Ashley from over @ Mental Health at Home

I gave Racheal a.k.a. Rue from over @ Racheal Novel and Heather from over @ Hopelessly Heather. Check em out when you get the chance and don’t forget to tell em who sent ya!!!


52 thoughts on “Rory, From “A Guy Called Bloke” Tells Us How to Get After It and Provides Himself as an Example: TidePodcast Episode 38

    Rory you definitely have an Aussie twang!
    It’s was nice to see you give the whole gang a shout out! I wish I’d thought of that in advance, I just mentioned names off the top of my head and it was HARD!!
    Do NOT tell ‘the boy’ I’ll bloody pump him!! He thinks innuendo is an Italian suppository!
    I really enjoy your dads stories as you know, he excels at short stories.
    I like reblogging older posts sometimes, a lot of my ‘confessions’ were posted when I had no readers so people haven’t seen them.
    You are a way more methodical than I am. I count spelling it correctly as a win! I just post stuff as it happens or if something bothers me etc. There’s no method or planning involved. Sometimes I would like to be more invested in my blog but I fear that taking the fun out of it.
    I’ll give you a cloth ear you little stinker! Love, mum! (I will always be MUM!)
    I say ass-per-jers not gurs. It’s like Bazil or Baysil. Al-you-min-eeyum and not a-loo-min-um and other pronunciation anomalies!
    I cannot envisage not reading daily. I rarely watch tv, I read incessantly
    You’re older than me and yet I’m Mum…. ain’t biology great?!
    The thing will bad times is that they teach you that you can survive. The first crash is the worst, from there on in you learn that one day, whatever is hurting you now is going to be history.
    I have never peed on an electric fence. Just sayin’
    Those squirrels are evil. Rambo learned from squirrels. Fact.
    Botty it’s dawned on me why you don’t like books. You like reciprocity and books are a one way street.
    This was a lot of fun to listen to!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Hey Britchy, I know what innuendo is! It’s in you’re endo!!!

      Rory is a true artist and a wonderful person to carry a conversation. He was such a good sport and a roaring (Rory) good time.

      1. I knew he’d be a great subject! I’m continuing to nag our Goldie mercilessly and I’m going to ask a couple of other friends too. You mentionedRuth Soaper and I would LOVE to hear an interview with her too. There are so many fascinating bloggers, it’s great to have another facet to see their views from

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          It’s such a blast Britchey. I really hope no one else starts interviewing our fellow bloggers and steals the fun. If you ever want to do it again, please do not hesitate. I will make time and space for you!

          1. I would definitely like to at some point! I’ve blogged including all the links to ‘my’ bloggers so that it will create more exposure but also to get others to join in.
            I’ve mentioned it to Historian Ruby and The Eclectic Contrarian so far but hopefully a lot will sign up because I’d love to hear from all my blog pals!

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Britchy, thank you. I wish I could express my feeling of gratitude with better words. Thank you is all I can muster.

  2. Hey Poddy, many thanks once again. It’ s taken me nearly five hours to listen to my 50 minutes. life just gets in the way of things you know. My partner Suze tells me l was terrible, either very anxious or very verbose. Well you know l said l was anxious about it and l have always been verbose, so l can’t stop being that ha ha!

    But many thanks for the opportunity, seriously enjoyed it.

    I now know listening to myself ramble on like an atypical hermit who doesn’t speak to people on a regular basis, that l am probably best using a speech to text programme, and leave speech podcasts to guys like yourself :0

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Not at all Rory. You’re partner Suze is just probably tired of listening to a recording of you, she gets to hear you everyday.

      My wife is the same, she could care less to be honest.

      I was genuinely entertained Rory. I think that if you did start a podcast, you’d do better than me. You already have a loyal following and like you said. You really enjoyed listening to Britchy and Kristian, you already have a relationship with them. So, it’s only natural that you are interested in them and they are interested in you.

      You can carry a conversation easily. You are also very easy to talk to. You are down to earth and quite charming.

      You’ve got a lot to offer Rory. From your life experiences and your willingness to connect. Those two traits alone make people want to talk to you and keep them interested in what you will say next.

      1. Hey Poddy.

        You are right, [with reference to Suze], itwasn’t so much as l was really terrible, but she said were you Nervous? Of course l was and l was. I am verbose, given the chance l can talk the back legs off a donkey, probably the front legs as well! But l think it was more to do with the fact that she picked things out and said well you know you said you don’t have much on your mind, and you have always got things on your mind, which is true. But when you asked that question l wasn’t expecting it and l had to quickly analyse that and think well err does Poddy really want to know about the 40 thoughts coursing through my mind at the time of question, or shall l simply say not a lot? so l went with the latter 🙂

        But l think she thought l maybe could have done better ha ha, that’s partners for you 🙂

        I am pleased you found it entertaining, l had a genuinely great time and found you easy to talk to also 🙂

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I hear ya man. In the end, fuck it. You rocked it. You threw caution to the wind and did it. For that alone, hats off to you.

          You’re a rockstar Rory. You’re an artist.

          You let the readers and listeners interpret what we did. Who knows, maybe you’re confidence will inspire others.

          Perhaps what you shared as far as your journey up to this point will encourage more to “take a leap of faith”.

          When I say you rocked it and how wonderful you were. I’m not referencing something you said or did specifically. I could feel you through your voice. You are genuine. You, like me are flawed, yet in the end, you can only be you. And that’s exactly what I heard. And that’s exactly what you proclaimed to the world! A true feat of humility and interest!

          A real person just talking to another real person. Perhaps we are helping to model conversation for others.

          Off the cuff and enjoying each other’s company and commentary.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Wow, thank you for listening to the episode. Rory was an absolute joy. I hope you really enjoyed the banter and Rory.

          1. You are welcome. I appreciate what you are saying about your wanting to have the interactive conversation of a podcast. Whatever vehicle you find best to express yourself.

              1. I very much appreciate the offer. The reality is that writing is my thing and I don’t have the gift of gab. I might know a few bloggers who might be interested in doing one though. Are all topics open for discussion? A couple of them are very good with music topics, one is a good poet who just published a book, and one has authored multiple books.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Anybody can literally say whatever they want on TidePodcast. The only rule is nothing illegal, like a threat of violence or something along those lines.

                  Heck, if someone wanted to do an entire episode slandering me, id post it and support it 100%!

                  Say whatever you want.

  3. Rory speaks a million words a minute but, I’m such a fan of the accent! As far as reblogging evergreen posts, it’s a very common blog strategy for building traffic and exposure.

    Thanks for the shout out, BC! It’s hilarious to hear you to admit/describe that I’m a fashion/beauty blogger ::big pause for effect:: but, holy cow, I’m smart too! It’s almost like you’re daring folks to call you out on following a fashion/beauty blogger. I could hear the quasi-discomfort in your description and it made me laugh out loud.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Discomfort? I was happy to give you a shout out and tell everyone how you are an incredibly insightful commentor.

      I just wanted people to know what your blog was about, I do that for everyone I give a shout-out to.

      Thanks for listening Heather.

      Maybe what you heard was the way I talk. Sometimes it takes me a bit to get out what I want to say, because I am searching for the words.

  4. Thank you for the shout out, Henry 🙂

    I just commented on Rory’s reblog for the podcast, and suggested you guys team up and do a regular shorter feature, so that he can help you promote your blog and you can help him get more comfortable with podcasting.

    It’s an interesting idea. It could become really popular.

  5. I am loving this! Listening to it while cooking!
    I love Rory’s voice – it is not as I imagined it at all. The Australian tones are making me think of my Goldfinch.
    He is not letting you get a word in edge-ways Poddy/Botty./Coffee!
    But I have to admit I am loving hearing him ramble on.

      1. So…how does it work? Will I have a first-class flight to the States and the best hotel in town paid for? With a limo to drive me to your studio? And a security guard to keep the paparazzi away from me?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          That all depends on what your interpretations are and how vast and creative your imagination is!!!

          Send me a friend request on Facebook. We connect over messenger.

          The link to my Facebook is on my sidebar

  6. At first I thought Rory was American or Aussie, but one of my siblings recognized the accent as British. That was fun to listen to. You two were great together.

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