Words Not Actions? The First Amendment, Beseeched in the Halls of Congress.

Representative Steve King removed for his words and not his actions? In the halls of Congress, the 1ST Amendment is being strangled to death. No freedom of speech = no freedom.

If our elected representatives are willing to persecute their own over words and opinions, what are they willing to do to the rest of us?

If we are barred from exercising our rights in the halls of our own government, how much longer until our rights are re-written and re-interpreted?

When rights become privileges, then they no longer belong to us, “We the People”. Privileges are granted, rights are guaranteed.



6 thoughts on “Words Not Actions? The First Amendment, Beseeched in the Halls of Congress.

  1. Amen! The NWO traitors are always trying to take our free speech and our guns. I pray we never let them. I believe a big part of WW3 will most likely include some kind of second civil war here in the U.S. We are already in a civil war and we have been for quite some time. There have been real casualties and even fatalities in this war and it hasn’t even technically gone hot yet. I pray we stand firm and speak the truth and stand up for each other and our rights, or we might just lose them all. God bless!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Damn straight Ryan. I just hope it ends soon and never comes to an actual all out war. Only time will tell.

      God says to love one another, yet all we do is hate!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Whenever I see this happen my heart breaks. He spoke and he was punished, for speaking.

      Whether I agree with his statements or not is completely inconsequential.

      If we want to remain free then we must defend those whom we disagree with to the core.

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