Do Trans Women Have it Easier?

Since trans women don’t have to worry about ovarian cancer or osteoporosis or pregnancy or a menstrual cycle or menopause or sexual harassment…..

Does that mean they get all the benefits of being viewed as a female with none of the normal bullshit actual females have to deal with?

I understand that many will not want to comment on this. That’s ok.


10 thoughts on “Do Trans Women Have it Easier?

  1. I’m going with no. Trans men and women get viewed as a joke, they’re not ever going to see themselves as ‘real’ and they’ll always feel less. I think it must be awful to feel like a stranger in your own body, to feel like you should really be the opposite sex. An operation can only do so much even if they’re in a position to take that route. I think it’s tragic for them.

  2. Anonymous

    They deal with a whole other level of bullshit. In my work as a social worker, Ive had transgender clients who were also homeless. I worked with one client for about two months and it really opened my eyes to some of the obstacles that challenge transgender individuals. She overcame a ton of bullshit that would have broken a lot of the people I know and through it all she had a tremendously positive outlook on life.

    I definitely wouldnt say easier. Just different. Often, outside of their circle, they are misunderstood and viewed in an extremely negative way.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      You know what. That’s probably the best explanation I’ve ever heard. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment thoughtfully.

      This is an incredible perspective.

  3. Anonymous

    How are we defining “trans” people? Are we talking hermaphidites or people who just decided they wanted to medically swap their genitalia?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I don’t believe there is any legal precedent for actual physical or biological altercation as is there is no set standard or minimum criteria that must be satisfied.

      This just makes it much harder to identify who is what.

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