Britchy From “Bitchin In the Kitchen” Talks Some Smack and We Share a Load of Laughs: TidePodcast Episode 36

Britchy from Bitchin in the Kitchen stops by. What an absolute gem and a charming lady she is. We share some laughs and we talk about what grinds our gears. Tune in for a great time!!!


A Scene from “Black Adder”

A Scene from “The Vicar of Dibley”

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I gave a Shout-Out to Fresh Hell over @ Fresh Hell, check her out when you get the chance and don’t forget to tell em who sent ya!


217 thoughts on “Britchy From “Bitchin In the Kitchen” Talks Some Smack and We Share a Load of Laughs: TidePodcast Episode 36

  1. WOWEE WOW! It was so lovely to hear Britchy’s real voice. I am a huge fan and she has been so supportive of me, encouraging me to write my short stories.
    I also really agree with her about how divisive things have become, where people can’t agree to differ, we no longer respect people who hold differing views to our own. We need to respect each other more.
    Total respect to Britchy. Thank you for interviewing her.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Here’s the thing Kristian. On your own you probably do suck. But see, I’m the ugly fat stinky friend you take out with you. Because standing next to me Pepe LePew smells fantastic.

          It’s all about the proper contrast. I make everyone look and sound amazing!!!

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  It’s just a simple conversation. We start off with some general introductions and then you or I ask a question and it just takes off in its own. It’s really a fun time.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I just added a FB icon to my sidebar, we could connect vie FB messenger voice and do the interview there.

                    2. I listened last night! It was brilliant but way too short.. I’m sure that complaint doesn’t surprise you in the least! I’ve already left my requests for more please 😊

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Ok, I can take all the twat you dames wanna toss my way, but I draw the line at twit (my top hat is steaming off my head) 🤯

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              You sounded phenomenal Kristian. I listened to it on my way home from work and I’d love to get you on, on more of a regular basis.

              Besides that, you need to start your own podcast. You’re such an interesting, intelligent and entertaining person. You’d do much better than me!!!

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Did you not care for it? Please, let me know your thoughts and impressions.

                  My aim is to make it enjoyable and entertaining for all.

                  1. I did enjoy it, although my cough was irritating. I enjoyed chatting about history and, i suppose you could call it political philosophy. I am concerned a bit because I don’t really want my blog to be about Me and my political views, but about my writing and I want people of all political views to read them and enjoy them. I want to keep my blog political neutral, despite not being neutral myself. If that makes sense. I am thinking though, of maybe starting a new blog and if you think that people would genuinely find what I have to say interesting, then that could be a whole new direction for me.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I don’t think it became political, more philosophical from where I was. I know that just uttering the term “politics” can seem as if it’s becoming political, but I don’t believe that is accurate.

                      I hope you don’t think it was a setup or anything when I asked about parallels. I am truly interested in what you have to say.

                      It seems as time progresses, we become more and more apt to not speak of history because we do not want to come off as political.

                      That’s the problem with politics, politics is meant to divide and conquer. Politics is just a nicer way of saying it.

                  1. bottomlesscoffee007

                    Every time I try to log on it tells me that Microsoft has “detected suspicious activity” and that I need to contact Microsoft to verify my identity/account.

                    I’m working on setting another one up. Hopefully this time it won’t get taken down.

                    Try to call me, I wonder what will happen. If it’s still showing as active, I wonder if it will work.

                    Please, let me know what happens when you do.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Really, doesn’t surprise me in the least. Maybe we need to go back to smoke signals and paper cups with a string!

  2. I could listen to her all day💕 She sounds exactly as I thought she would. I will do an episode; however, I don’t know what subject matter yet. I want something current…

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Wow, really Nova?!?!?! That’s awesome. We don’t need a subject, we just talk. One thing leads to another.

      Thank you so very much for listening!!!

  3. Yes, It’s the Bacteria Clostridium Botulinum, which can cause fatal food pointing. IT works by paralysing the muscles. For Migraine is it can be effective but it can be dangerous. I would never have Botox injections for cosmetic reasons.
    Gosh, Britchy is so sensible as well as hilariously funny! 🙂

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yeah, I never even put the two together! She mighta saved my life and kept my wife from getting my life insurance!!!!

          1. I stand by my statement. I was charmed. Your cursing is even beautiful.

            I was a bit puzzled by your remark: “I need elocution lessoms.” I had to look up ‘elocution’ and I assume ‘lessoms’ should be ‘lessons’. For a split second, I read “electrocution lessons”. LMAO! Hmm…bizarre help with headaches, maybe?

            1. Funnily enough, they’re trying to get me to try a electronic stimulation thing for migraines! Like tens us the easiest way to describe it. I’m waiting until after I get the MRI results as I want to see what they are first. It’s expensive and whilst it would be worth it, it’s better to wait and see if there is another cause.

              1. I am familiar with a ‘stim’ unit. I get zapped every two to three weeks by my chiro after an adjustment. I would imagine that what they are proposing is similar.

                I certainly hope the MRI is clear but, in the same breath, if it shows what is causing the pain, so much the better. Gotta know what your ‘enemy’ is.

                I was shocked by the bones you said you had broken. Goodness.

                1. Not meaning to pry or be rude, but do you have cancer? My grandma had cancer twice and received chemo therapy several times. Reason I’m asking is because of this:
                  “I get zapped every two to three weeks by my chiro after an adjustment”

                  1. You’re not prying or being rude. I do not have cancer. When I mentioned getting zapped, I meant the ‘stim’ unit. It is an electrical stimulation unit. They put patches on your back and run electricity thru the pads. It helps with healing. It’s done after an adjustment.

                    1. Oh, okay! I was worried that you had cancer. Sorry! Didn’t know about the stim unit. If you don’t mind me asking, what were you getting ‘zapped’ for? Was it a sickness or what?

                    2. It’s part of the adjustment. Do you know what a chiropractor is? Zapping is a bad term. It’s electrical stimulation. The first time I was introduced to it, I had had knee surgery in 1981. They did the same thing for my knee. They stick pads on your skin, very similar to pads when they monitor your heart, and run low level electricity thru the pads. Aids in healing…

                    3. I had to google it as I couldn’t remember, but yeah, I know what a chiropractor is *grins*. Hope your knees better.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Reblog, yeah. Funny story. When I set up my blog I got the business account. I’m gullible and I thought it would provide better support.

      Unfortunately though, the business plan doesn’t have a reblog button.

      You live and learn right.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Yeah, your right, but I’m locked in at this point. I paid and I’ll basically be giving that money away if I downgrade.

  4. I am loving listening to this. I have listened to twenty minutes so far, but I have to go out now. Can’t wait to hear the rest!
    Such a great idea to interview a blogger like Britchy. So wise and so funny and so kind!

  5. It feels so good to hear Britchy’s voice. I always look forward to her blog posts, even though I hardly ever comment on them (because I usually don’t know what to say).

    But I love the woman. I love her blog. I love what she does.

    I love her voice the most, though 😍

          1. Ah, don’t mind me 😂
            I love how you speak. You speak eloquently like you’ve spent years mastering the art. Were you once a radio host? Are you a radio host? Or are you just naturally awesome? 😏

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              No thats a question that I will happily answer. Im totally new to this. I just love engaging with others. I have a blast every time I do a TidePodcast. Thanks Obinna!!!

  6. Warmed up to 17 degrees? Damn! Upstate issss freezing. NYC is a balmy 30 degrees.

    I could tell Britcy is a people person, like myself, I talk to EVERYONE. My husband thinks I’m crazy. Small talk wherever I go. It makes the World a much better place. Go, Britchy, go!!!

    007, I see you went back through Britchy’s posts and refreshed your memory. Good on you.

    Britchy has the cutest laugh.

    OMG, Britchy is helping out the homeless too? Go ahead, Britch, tell me again that you’re not a sweetheart. I dare you!!!

    Careful 007, we are learning a lot about you in your interviews.😁😀

    OMG, Britchy is hysterical…”WTF chromosomes”. I’m dying over here. 😂😂😂

    Yes, we need Goldie to round out the original half dozen. Goldie, I’m looking at you. 👀

    Britchy, we have to “link up” (Jamaican talk) before you head down to the Carolinas. We can meet halfway…Think of the great Blog post we can publish after our meeting.

    I miss Boxing Day too. Yes, yes, yes….I prefer Boxing Day to Christmas Day, another reason I miss home.

    Britchy is such an intelligent woman.

    Your first gun? Are you thinking of getting more than one, Britch? Yikes!!!! A couple of handguns. Why???

    “There is a cost and a compromise to everything.” Word, 007!!!!

    I like the way Britchy pronounces the word “stupid”.

    Love the way Britchy describes the Second Amendment. Still hate guns though but Britchy’s description was spot on.

    Political correctness! Sheesh! Don’t get me started on that; you both already know how I feel about that.

    Britchy is an exceptionally intelligent woman. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. It was fantastic listening to you both. Truly a pleasure.

    I love you too, Britch!!!!! 💕💞

    P.S. I listened to the entire thing (again). Amazing!!!!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Rakkelle, wow, so thorough. Thank you so very much for listening. It was an absolute blast.

      I hope to keep on interviewing different bloggers. Such interesting and enjoyable company all of you.

      It is such a blessing, thank all of you for taking a chance on the TidePodcast and me!

      1. 007, you know I’m always thorough when I do get a chance to listen. I like to listen to everything, which is why I complain about the length of your Podcasts. 😂😂😂

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          You know Rakkelle, they can be long for some, but I truly do enjoy the conversation and every single guest. I haven’t been bored yet. Have you become bored with some or any?

          1. Nope, not at all. The ones I listen to are quite entertaining.

            The reason behind my suggestion of cutting them down, maybe to about 30 minutes, is that I would listen to much more of them, maybe even walk of them if they were shorter. My issue is time constraint on my part.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I hear ya Rakkelle. I do appreciate the feedback. I will admit I am horrible at time constraints, once the conversation gets going, it just takes off on its own. I am keeping an eye on the time and maybe one day ill be able to operate within a smaller window, but for now everyone is just so damn interesting and entertaining!

              1. I am one to talk though, I kept you going for an hour and half. It may be the longest one you’ve done yet….When the conversation is effortless it is hard to stop….I get it!

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  You’re right Rakkelle and I think that the listener really enjoys the interaction and the different topics discussed.

              2. I have the same issue. I “want” to hear all of your podcasts but, I simply don’t have the time to sit & listen for an hour or more. Besides…you don’t have to cover everything at once in one podcast. Make it 30 minutes and re-invite guests over & over.

                1. Or better yet. Do 1 recording, but break it up into say 3 parts. Just say: “Hey, we’ll see you for part 2 tomorrow” And then “Welcome to the 2nd part of an interview with…”.

  7. Rakkelle it’s precisely because of my feelings on the second amendment that I want a gun! A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves – and I don’t intend to be anyone’s easy dinner! I did not plan on using it but I like the idea of having it if I need it. It’s like any other tool, you need to be sensible about how you keep and use it.
    I think we should double up on the Botty boy and have a three way conversation!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I would love that Victoria. I mentioned in another podcast about the color blind, wondering what sights and optics work best for them.

          I would love to talk defense and guns with women.

          1. I’m in. Rakkelle isn’t interested in having a weapon. Britchy is wanting to learn & I have been around them my entire life. My dad wouldn’t let me handle one until I was 16 but, when the time came, I got lessons & his S&W model 36 Chief Special.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Would you want to be part of “What’s that in your pants” episode on Sunday?

              Or do you want to do it between Britchy, you and I?

  8. You got Britchy! Yes! Britchy, you don’t sound awful. I love your accent and you sound awesome. I only got to listen to the first 25 minutes and forty seconds of it, but I plan to listen to the rest later. What I listened to was very entertaining and I really enjoyed it. You two are fantastic together. You don’t think you’re funny?! You’re hilarious!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          No sir. Send me a friend request to my Facebook. The icon is on my sidebar. I accept and we connect over Facebook messenger voice.

          I record our conversation and then post it. We can literally talk about anything.

          It’s a super good time.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Kristian comes across as such a humble and knowledgeable man. Very approachable and down to earth. A true artist

  9. Oh, *insert all the expletives you can come up with*.
    So I was listening to all that and commenting as you two went along, and then, I decided to read the comment section (as I was listening to the podcast), and then I got sucked in and started replying. My lengthy, very smart comment was lost…

    So, I’ll just re-create what I remember.

    1. Britchy’s humor had me rolling on the floor.
    2. My jaw dropped when I heard that your daughter’s doctor asked her if she knew what gender she is. Absolutely insane. Just keep in mind that it’s not always the doctor’s idea to ask such. It’s the insurance companies and the healthcare ministry. In order to get paid the highest amount, doctors have to ask all these questions.
    3. May I ask where your wife is from?
    4. You two cracked me up. Britchy thinks I’m a girl because I’m too reasonable to be a guy. I’m curious to hear your reasoning, Coffee. Feel free to email me your findings.
    5. I think Britchy missed your joke (RE: not fitting into an MRI machine). Hospitals use zoo MRIs for bigger patients.
    6. Twilight sedation? It’s used for colonoscopy, and it’s meant to keep you awake to answer questions, etc. You are meant to not remember what happened afterwards. Some don’t. Some do. Is that the type of sedation you’re going to have, Britchy?
    7. People get upset about your sponsors? Oh, c’mon. That is RIDICULOUS!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      LOL, it was such fun Goldie. Thanks for listening, I truly appreciate it. My fight with the MRI has more to do with my shoulders than my belly!!!

      Yeah, I understand that the doctors hands are tied as well.

      I’ll email you.

    2. “Britchy thinks I’m a girl because I’m too reasonable to be a guy” – does that mean you are a guy or just find it amusing her reasons for thinking you are a female?

  10. I finally got around to listening. This happened right when I got sick.

    Loved this interview but, I had to dig for it. That damn WP phone app. This post doesn’t show up in your site’s feed list. The dates jump from the 13th to the 17th. I hope they fix that bug.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      My last 10 episodes are now on iTunes and google play. If you click on any of the TidePodcast RSS feeds on my sidebar, they are all there.

      That way you can simply scroll through

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