Kel Varnsen and I Talk Federal Workers Not Working and Why Summer Break is Bullshit: TidePodcast Episode 31

Kel Varnsen and I talk unknown benefits of Federal Employment and why Summer Break is bullshit.


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19 thoughts on “Kel Varnsen and I Talk Federal Workers Not Working and Why Summer Break is Bullshit: TidePodcast Episode 31

  1. Thank you Bottomless Coffee 007 for the Shout Out to everyone !! I really appreciate this. I think people should stop here and listen to this talk about what is going on with their Government not working.

      1. You are welcome. I enjoyed the podcast today even though I am from Canada. I agree with the education part of it. Maybe we should have our kids in College or University by the time they are 15 or 16. Why not right ? I left school early but went back to get Grade 12 and then College. Later in life I went back to get more College. I still think I will go back to finish off one College Certificate. I have some but one more should be good. Wall papers look great in frames.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Really? I didn’t know that. I know many Western European countries, the children are finished with high school at 16. They either go to a technical school or to a prep program to prepare for university

              1. I think we should model our countries to what they do. It is important like you said that kids be done their education by the time they are 20 or 21. Having more years to build a future should be a great objective to reach.

                  1. I think the system we have does not accept change to the rigid standards we have in place. I agree with you 007 things must change. We have to give our kids that leg up early in life. We as the older generation have to push for the change maybe for the next generation if not this one

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Thats is James, we gotta take our lessons learned and apply them to the next generation.

                    2. Yes I agree or we will keep losing them to bad habits and the streets will eat them alive.. If they have a future with work in the trades or a College or University Education they will chase it whole heartedly 007 !!

                    1. Yes, I agree I wish I had stayed in school when I was younger. I want all young kids to stay in school and get a good education so they can have a family life and a happy life.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Funny how that works huh JM? It’d be better if they had to punch a clock as well. Maybe they’d be present more often and more apt to actually work…for The People!

      1. LOL, yeah. Here in Aus, a conservative senator (it may have been Cory Bernardi – or was it Pauline Hanson?) introduced a motion “freezing” parliamentarians wages until they deliver a surplus. It was voted down, of course…

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