Members of Congress Bring Trash From National Parks to Whitehouse

This stuff writes itself….People don’t know how to clean up after themselves and this is Trump’s fault how?

The Dems are the party of slavery. What other party would expect people to not clean up after themselves?

Does anyone really believe that these two picked up this trash, let alone clean their own homes?

Maybe they should lower their state and city taxes so people could afford to live there.

Just sayin…


19 thoughts on “Members of Congress Bring Trash From National Parks to Whitehouse

      1. O’Dammit? Obama. One of many nicknames he earned. I think the most used one for Trump is Cheeto. But, I could be wrong. I hear Trumpet a lot. Oh, yeah, and Pumpkinhead.

            1. It was some amusing thing that someone noted about his initials and what else it stood for. It’s like an Aussie politician – Bill Shorten. His initials are BS, and it was amusing to realize that BS is also short for bulls***.

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