When Obama Cut the Military, No One Cared. Trump Shuts Down the Government and Madness Ensues…

I’m so tired of hearing about these “poor” federal employees. Suddenly they can’t make ends meet, who gives a shit?

When Obama was cutting the military down to pre-WWII numbers. Everyone was too happy to say that our military had gotten too massive. No one cared about the thousands of military members that were handed their walking papers. These ex-military members figured it out. Why can’t these federal employees figure it out?

Maybe, just maybe, learn how to manage your finances. Don’t allow yourself to go into massive amounts of debt. Or, perhaps have a yard sale. Maybe sell your stuff.

Whenever I hear about this type of idiocy, I wonder if these people can actually prioritize their own lives. Maybe that’s another facet of why our government is so inept at stewardship. Maybe not just our elected representatives, but perhaps many of the federal employees also don’t understand that the money they allocate comes from taxpayers.

So, you might have to cancel your Netflix subscription “oh no”!!! Maybe you make more meals at home “WTF”!!! Perhaps, learn how to survive with what you actually have, not what you expect in the future “is this Nazi Germany”!?!?!??

The Jones’s will fuck you up every time you try to keep up with them. No one is owed a job. No one is owed anything. If a government shutdown really affects you this deeply, maybe blame yourself.

And to those jackasses blaming Trump for the National Parks

Maybe the National Parks should be shutdowns since so many can’t seem to take out what they brought in.

Then again, if all of the parks were privatized, they wouldn’t be shutdown and they could be fully staffed. Disney World is a private park. Just sayin.


33 thoughts on “When Obama Cut the Military, No One Cared. Trump Shuts Down the Government and Madness Ensues…

  1. Actually.. this is the EXACT opinion I take regarding all those rural red staters who sided with Trump because of their vanishing five-generation $50/hr manufacturing/mining jobs dried up and they had to go work for the local McDonalds.. who thought they were entitled to those jobs for life… the same folks who were told by Trump to blame Liberal globalism sending all the jobs and businesses scurrying for cheap labor to off-shore countries.. when in fact little of that actually happened, Trump was lying… and in truth those jobs vanished because of advancing technology and changing market conditions.
    As you said… “No one is owed a job.” In other words, red staters, according to bottomless here.. “Quit yer bitchin’ and find another career.”

    As far a Obama “gutting” the military.. you might want to not take the word of our lying Dear Leader and read this fact check…

    Trump is scheduled to make a prime time speech this evening. Rather funny a few of the networks want no part in covering it live because Trump’s credibility is in the dumper and historically events like this are just a political stage at Americans expense. That’s a fairly good indicator on Trump’s saying anything that makes sense.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Actually Doug, Obama cut the military so drastically that airplane museums were used as parts stores by the military since they lacked the appropriate funding to properly repair and maintain their aircraft.

      Why else would pilots be pulled out of retirement. Retired soldiers are still getting letters in the mail asking them to come back in since we are still trying to recover.

      The budget was drastically cut for the military. Actual training almost ceased. The money the military had was by order of Obama spent on bullshit training like SHARP, cultural awareness and other nonsense programs.

      Doug, were you in the military during Obama’s term?

      The wars are still ongoing yet no one complained, including you I assume, when Obama tied our hands behind our backs.

      I’m happy the government is shut down and I hope it stays shut down for decades. Maybe then people will learn to not trust the government and not look to the government for anything.

    2. Lying, left-wing, taxpayer-supported NPR??? Seriously? They have been called out on their crap SO many times.

      I’m no Trump fan by any stretch of the imagination but, don’t try to polish the O’Dammit turd.

  2. Anonymous

    I disagree. I have served through a few shut down and being used as a political football is shitty, no matter how you slice it. Yes, everyone should have their lives together enough to be ok if they lose a revenue stream. Everyone should be smart enough to think their way out of a tough situation. Unfortuneatley, this is not the case and now Americans will suffer because they trusted that their elected officials would not use them as pawns. I know that you know what it feels like to be a pawn, as do I because I was there with you. It sucked,and you know it did, but that’s the life we chose. Seeing our fellow countrymen suffer is not something I enjoy no matter who they voted for. I think the fact that we are arguing about whether or not we should feel sorry for government employees who are either furloughed or working without pay is evidence enough that the bullshit elected officials are pushing is actually working.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Very well put, I have nothing to disagree with there. Im just tired of being fed a story that is only half true if any at all. I have begin brainstorming a “new” voting trend. I hope you will provide your insight once I reveal it.

  3. Our local news is crying the blues about the fed employees struggling. I have been a state gubment employee. Where did my salary come from? Taxpayers. We have a bloated federal government that is the largest employer in the US…plus pensions. The sad thing is, legislators will still get their money. The Supreme Court won’t suffer. The unelected bureaucrats won’t suffer. The MSM is going to use the furloughed workers as a weapon to lash out at the Prez, hoping to stir up the sheeple into action.

    I can’t watch the news, anymore. It’s not news. It’s propaganda meant to drive public opinion towards a goal.

    Coffee, quit watching CNN before it rots your brain.

  4. Let’s keep this blog-friendship going well 😂. I don’t think this is an Obama vs Trump regime and I don’t like it when I hear/read the comparisons. I have my opinions about Trump, not much of which are good but I also have very little knowledge of politics in America, so I won’t comment on this. However, the good thing about your current president is that he does what he promises to do.

  5. Without knowing specifics, I have a hard time making a sweeping general assumption that all out of work government workers deserve to be in the boat they’re in and that it’s somehow their fault that they are now struggling financially.

    Losing a job, whether you’re a one or two income household, is never easy. I’m speaking from first hand experience right now…and I’m not a government worker. Your entire life turns upside down. And in the case of the out of work government workers, they are faced with unknowns that a traditionally unemployed person isn’t – primarily whether or not they will be called back to work in the near future.

    One question I have: If they are struggling to make ends meet financially, have they bothered to apply for unemployment benefits? You certainly can’t get rich from them, but they do help as an interim measure.

    As far as the National Parks comments – I’m fairly certain that the US government isn’t open to selling off its national parks to private parties.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Totally Heather, I just don’t understand how it’s my problem. Why do I need to hear these pathetic sob stories? When Obama did it, nary a peep from the majority of legacy media.

      Now it’s being depicted as a national emergency.

      As far as the National parks go, I can understand why they would refuse to go private. It would be a major financial blow to them. The parks would be better off, just not the National park service.

      I wonder why Smokey the Bear isn’t volunteering during the shutdown?

      1. So, you’re really just pissed at the media and their choice at airing this as a story – but you already know the media chooses stories to support their own political agenda, so why is this a surprise and why get so angry about it? It’s not something we can change unless viewers stop watching altogether…and that’s just not likely to happen. To their credit, the government shutdown IS affecting a whole lot of regular government workers – I know several personally. The impact on their lives is very real and they aren’t an insignificant portion of our population.

        Financially, it would be better if the national parks were privatized, but how many would remain the natural beauties they currently are? We’d likely lose a lot of that to carnival rides, casinos and god knows what else.

        How do you know Smokey the Bear isn’t volunteering?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          LOL, you got me on Smokey, I assumed!!!

          I don’t think privatizing the National Parks would destroy them, in fact I think they would be much more accessible to the pubic. They would be better maintained and better staffed.

          The media and their message must be met and challenged. Too many simply look at headlines only.

          If we simply ignore, we allow them to dictate the message.

          What are you doing right now since you lost your job? Are you sitting in misery and exclaiming your challenging time to the world? No, from what I gather you are out there hustling and working with what you and your husband got. You are making it work for you.

          All of these morons whining about having to drive an Uber or only having $300 in the bank. Not being able to go out, or anything else that they cannot seem to do without.

          I would think that if they were that hard up, they wouldn’t have time to do interviews, they would be more worried about finding income. Then again, perhaps they were paid for their interviews, which then brings into question, how transparent and thorough is this type of journalism?

          I would love to not get paid for weeks at a time, if I knew I had a job waiting for me. Just sayin, everything comes with a cost and a compromise.

          If you can’t make lemonade out of lemons, then maybe some self reflection should be applied instead of self pity.

          People everywhere get fired, laid off, go on strike. Plants get shutdown or moved overseas, and people figure it out if they want to not only survive but achieve.

          It sucks, I know it does from first hand experience. When these hard times hit, you either make it or you don’t.

          If anyone gets too comfortable or too complacent, they are allowing themselves to be let down. If they don’t have contingency plans in place, especially when times are good, when the bad times hit, they may never recover.

          11 years since 2008 and people still cannot grasp the concept of living below your means.

          1. Wow, heartless! Yes, IDEALLY everyone would save money and be able to support themselves when tragedy strikes, but it’s not always feasible. Example: I was a single mom for a decade and worked 2 jobs just to make ends meet. I didn’t do anything extra (eating out, cable TV, etc.) and I had NOTHING left over to save. If the economic downturn had occurred during that period of my life and I’d lost all my jobs only to find there were no other jobs to be had, I’d have whined a hell of a lot trying to figure out my next steps. I’d certainly have hustled as much as I could have, but I very well may have just needed to wait it out with gritted teeth until it passed. I probably also wouldn’t have been able to afford living in my own apartment. ::shudders::

            The point is, you’re assuming all the furloughed workers are irresponsible with their money and not resourceful people and I’m just not prepared to make a sweeping judgment without additional facts.

            As far as people “achieving” – Americans, to a greater degree nowadays, are lazier than ever and don’t strive for much, or anything at all. Survival is one thing, success is a whole different enchilada.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Millionaires, thousandaires and unfortunately hundredaires! We all belong to one of these categories and it ain’t nobody else’s fault!

              Heartless, I’ve never been so flattered!

      1. When you’re into the ancient past conspiracy world like I am, you hear nothing but bad things about the Smithsonian. The ending to Raiders of the Lost Ark… well, that’s them to a T (minus the Ark, of course).

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