A Federal Corrections Officer Using His Phone While Operating a Vehicle!

Wow, I guess rank has it’s privileges eh? Oh well, another sob story!

– A union president living paycheck to paycheck? Maybe he’s hit his “Peter Principal”!

– Oh a veteran, who gives a shit!

– Being a taxi driver or an Uber driver is belittling?


5 thoughts on “A Federal Corrections Officer Using His Phone While Operating a Vehicle!

  1. This is terrible.
    He stumbles through the lines, because they’re not his words. So staged. And he’s a terrible actor.
    A federal employee shuttling people around? Such disgrace…
    Mowing the lawn is degrading.
    And it’s funny how it’s the Presidents and leaders that are giving this sob story.
    Don’t try and soap our eyes.
    Maybe learn to budget? People have accidents all the time. People get sick, etc. How will you pay for it then? (Not wishing bad on anyone. Just sayin’). AND mortgage companies are working with people who are affected by the shutdown and have trouble paying.
    The veteran gets riled up, and the other pets him on the back. I mean, C’MON!
    At least the 2 are honest about the wall.
    I agree, it IS a pissing contest, HOWEVER, why is no one mad at the dems for being such obstructionists that it had to come to this? Why is it all on the President?
    And a wall is not worth it if you don’t get paid? Well, what if your daughter gets raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant? Will you be happy that at least she had the newest iPhone before that happened?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Damn, Goldie is throwing napalm! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Fucking killing it in my blog girl.

      This is like when a buddy shoots my gun better than I did. I feel as if I have forsaken my own ownership! LOL

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