Is Trump Using the Wall to Cover for Bump-Stocks and Future Gun Control?

If it was a wall or a bump-stock, I would choose the bump-stock hands down. Trump, like every other politician continues to cite safety and criminality. He dun fucked up with his executive order last year, banning bump-stocks.

So, maybe he is feeling the heat and that is why he refuses to back down on the wall now.

The government cannot protect us. Law enforcement has shown time and time again that they cannot be trusted. How many more innocent people must be killed by law enforcement and how many more dogs must be assassinated until we realize that a wall would be nice. But freedom to protect and defend oneself from the government and criminals is absolutely priceless.

From Social Security to the Affordable Care Act, we continue to allow our elected representatives to sacrifice our rights and freedoms all in the name of their next election.

I hope Trump never gets his wall. No Bump-Stocks = No Wall. If he gets his wall, the next logical step will be more and more and more gun control.

Why else did he wait two years to dramatically “put his foot down”? Reagan was an NRA member, but that didn’t stop him from signing and putting into law the Gun Control Act of 1986!

Disarm us to protect us? Protect us from whom exactly?

Noli Mi Tangere


32 thoughts on “Is Trump Using the Wall to Cover for Bump-Stocks and Future Gun Control?

  1. He is not without fault. I agree.
    The thing is that he’s been swimming AGAINST the stream for the longest of time. He tried being nice. He tried negotiating. We all knew that the dems are obstructionists for the sake of being the opposition and nothing else. They will not help in ANYTHING. No matter what incentives he gives them. And I think he is at that point where he is done playing nice with the kids in the sandbox.

      1. benjamindallas554

        I personally think he drinks Diet Coke, because he wants to implement more gun control… What were those tax cuts really about? More gun control 😡😡!! All this criminal justice reform, is just code for more gun control! Fuck the wall!!! The border patrol council, and ICE agents are full of shit, and need to be eliminated… All in the name FREEDOM!!!


        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Hahahaha, I can read into the sarcasm. Hey man, to each their own. Alls I’m sayin is, he says he’s all about 2A, then he issues his executive order. Everyone forgets about it.

          Now this wall business has everyone in a tizzy.

          The right hails Reagan as a model president. Somehow they forgot about the 1986 GCA.

          Is this by design? What am I missing?

          Just because Trump won, doesn’t mean I need to be a fan boy.

          Kavanaugh got in, no one on the right was talking about his hand in the Patriot Act. When Kavanaugh could’ve taken a stance on abortion, he sat on his hands.

          Abortion is still legal. Who knows what or what will not happen with the wall. The Dems are already drafting more gun control proposals and they have some republican support.

          It seems as if trump is too ardent about using the 2A community as fodder or a bargaining chip to push through more of his proposals.

          Last year Trump signed the Omnibus spending bill that contained the “Fix NICS” Act. 2 years a republican president and 2 gun control acts in 1 Year. Again, something that seems lost on the majority of his supporters.

          1. benjamindallas554

            Don’t let any of this distract you from the fact that it’s all linked to his habit of drinking Diet Coke… The sheep support him for turning around our economy, making our Country energy independent and his foreign policy wins W/North Korea, Iran, Syria and destroying ISIS… They simply forget (or overlook) his secret plot, to systematically destroy the U.S., by banning bump stocks and supporting background checks…


            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Hahahahaha, you’re outta control.

              All good things. But should we continue to allow our 2A right to be continually eroded? Obama had zero gun control measures actually enacted, thanks to the Congress not working with him.

              Now a republican President is in and the republicans couldn’t be less worried about the 2A.

              Are we only supposed to be outraged when it’s the other guy or the other team?

              This is the same argument for or against the wall. Those influential people who oppose the wall live behind walls. Those who are for the wall want it at any cost, even if it means losing more of our own freedoms, especially when Trump circumvented the legal process. Like Obama by using an executive order instead of going through the legislative process.

              If you want to turn your guns in, be my guest. Just allow it to be an individual choice instead of a sweeping executive order.

              1. benjamindallas554

                Dude, I’m not saying that his gun control policies are A-okay… I’m saying correlating that to the wall, is so laughable it’s not worthy of serious discussion 🤷‍♂️

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  That’s just it though. It seems to me that it is tit for tat. It may not seem plausible to you, and that’s you’re prevue. That’s fine.

                  I just wouldn’t put it past him at this point.

                  1. Benjamin S Dallas

                    You can have whatever opinion you want… However, you’ve yet to have been able to connect “the wall” to gun control policy… Making your agruement every bit as asinine as connecting his habit of drinkning diet coke with gun control etc…

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      That is how it has always been in D.C., this for that. Just because they don’t openly come out and announce it doesn’t make it not plausible.

                      Today the Dems introduced more gun control measures and there is republican support behind it. Trump will do anything now to get his wall built.

                      I hope you’re right. I guess time will be the indicator of what does and what does not happen.

                      When did trusting the government suddenly become the thing to do? Was it Obama that changed that rule?

                      I don’t understand how anyone can trust someone they don’t know personally.

  2. Benjamin S Dallas

    Who is “trusing the government”? Are you actualy reffering to me? Just becuase I disagree with you about the wall, somehow being related to gun control; doesn’t mean you gotta misinterpret what I said to paint your narrative… What you said could be possible, but unless I see some kind of gun control legislation tied to the passing of funding for the wall (which hasn’t happened), I’m gonna need a bit more evidence than a conspiracy theory. .

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Here’s what I’m getting at. Like I said prior, all of the other things that you cited were good like the energy independence, NK, Jobs etc.

      It just seems that for some reason, not you alone, but many are able to look past the 2A issues, simply to continue to advance his agenda.

      This, in my mind is an issue because it sends a message to Trump that he can do no wrong. This type of support emboldens him to continue to cut away at the 2A. If he is not held back by us, and not continued to be criticized by us, then it is as though he can do no wrong.

      If we allow him to lead by executive order, then what is the difference between him and Obama? When Obama was in office, the left failed to maintain control of him. Every failure of his leadership was blamed on the majority republican congress. That is what is happening today with the right, instead of holding Trump accountable, the right just blames congress.

      So, what is the message to Trump? Do we hold the guy we voted for accountable or do we, like the left blame everything and anyone else that we can?

      I can understand that you, like many were discouraged by the bump-stock ban. However, maybe you, like many see bump-stocks as neither here nor there. A non-issue let’s say.

      So, it just goes by unnoticed by many, including Trump.

      Trump cites criminality coming over the border and he says he wants to protect us. I’m all for a wall, but I’m not for a wall if it means we will be forced into more gun control. Trump needs to realize eventually that he cannot make up for a mistake by finally following through on his promises.

      At the same time, I am not underestimating the left and their willingness to win, just the same as trump’s willingness to win. Yet, when will we be honest with ourselves? Regardless if we voted for him or not, he is our employee and we need to keep him in check.

      As far as trusting the government, it seems that once trump got in the left and the right traded places. When Obama was in, you either supported him or you were racist. Once trump got in, you either supported him or you hated America.

      Maybe these stereotypes are exaggerated, maybe they are not.

      Why celebrate a wall, after we have been limited again? Because we voted for him?

      At what cost are we willing to pay for a wall? What would Trump need to do for the majority of his supporters to oppose the wall?

      Is there even a fraction of opposition towards Trump from his supporters, or do they just want him to win, so they can feel as if they are winning as well?

      1. Benjamin S Dallas

        Yeah…. Except I’m not okay with his legislation on gun control; never said I was. I admittedly don’t care about bump stocks, but I also don’t agree with his policy of forcing everyone to turn them in, as we’ve discussed before. So let’s not act like I’m ignoring it, it just isn’t a priority for me. I have different things that are more important to me, as all people do, and that’s okay to not think the same…. I’m in no way defending any gun control legislation… Again, I disagree with you linking every thing Trump does, to the 2nd Amendment. All I’m saying, is that sometimes issues can be seperate, and not all connected to one big conspiracy.

              1. When there’s a policy I disagree with. No-one is ever 100% in agreement (you and I being a perfect example), and I respect that. It’s just easier to be more frustrated when it’s a politician.
                (I’m not justifying gun control; just sayin’.)

    2. Reminds me of Aussie Monarchists who try to equate a Republic with greater integration with Asia, or with removing Australian rights and freedoms. How changing the words “Queen” and “Governor-General” in the Constitution to “President” does either of those things has never been explained. (Again, no offence, 007.)

  3. “No Bump-Stocks = No Wall. If he gets his wall, the next logical step will be more and more and more gun control.” – I respectfully disagree on that. The wall is not related to gun control.

  4. No connection. I strongly disagree with the bump stocks ban, but a wall is still very important and I hope he gets it. A wall along the border preventing the illegals doesn’t lead to more gun control.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The connection is this. He banned bump stocks via executive order. He did not go through the legislative process. I’m all for a wall, but not at the expense of bump stocks or any other form of gun control.

      Honestly, it’s like someone broke into my house and stole my things. Instead of punishing him, he fixes my fence. I never get my stuff back and I’m supposed to overlook that he stole from me.

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