Why is One Considered Appropriate and the Other Not?

Interesting the way they discuss the two. One is portrayed as “brave” while the other is portrayed as “inappropriate”. Can kids actually make these decisions? Which decisions are approved by society and which decisions are disapproved?

Both kids are exploited in the hopes of wealth and illustriousness. Yet one is praised while the other is disparaged. Interesting the way judgement is so easily doled out.

Am I the only one noticing the obvious contrast and hypocrisy here?


19 thoughts on “Why is One Considered Appropriate and the Other Not?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I think so as well Rakkelle. Both are business ventures and both are aspiring and doing what they can. I can appreciate the willingness of both to capitalize on what they can. Just like the Kardashians.

      I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with either. I’m more or less fascinated with the obvious contrast the two are portrayed as.

      1. As am I. Live and let live, right? However, I suppose when you put yourself out there you leave yourself open for all kinds of scrutiny and criticism.

        I suppose the general views are such is because in the first video the child is lewd and an obvious liar (the cars, house etc – Harvard drop out bit when it’s obvious she doesn’t even know where the University is).

        The second child would be deemed as facing an internal conflict. Hence her situation cannot be helped. It could be argued that the praise child #2 gets from the general society for bravery is due in part to her willingness to face her fears and come out. My only question to the parents would be, “Why not let her do the gender reassignment surgery since she already considers herself and lives as a girl?” Just finish the job and that will solve future dating issues.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly right Rakkelle. If you speak in the public square, you must be ready for the backlash. Regardless of your feelings on the matter.

          We all have a right to voice our opinions on anything and everything.

          My issue with the two is the obvious slant the media took between the two. Let em do whatever they want. Neither truly effect any of us.

  1. So a 9 year old doesn’t know what they’re doing, but a 6 year old does and needs to be listened to and taken seriously? Will it not follow her forever that she was a he?

    It is not Lil Tay’s fault. Or her mother’s. It’s the fault of people like 2M of her followers. You become rich and famous for ANYTHING nowadays. And kudos to her for realizing that and trying to capitalize on it. Society encourages such behavior!

    “God made you special” what kind of blasphemy is that?

    I don’t see anything good coming out of this. She already seems spoiled and rude.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I’m not attempting to judge the two. They made their business decisions and now they are trying to capitalize on them, kinda like the Kardashians.

      I don’t agree or disagree with either, they have zero effect on my and my family’s lives.

      I just don’t understand the obvious hypocrisy of the media and the light that is selectively shed on both.

      1. I sense some contradictions there. I agree that they don’t have direct impact on us, so no need to dwell on it. HOWEVER, in order to recognize the hypocrisy of the media, you have to feel a certain way.

      2. The hypocrisy of the media is due to the subject matter being discussed/portayed in each instance. It’s unpopular (and doesn’t fit in with the media’s agenda) to call out the parents for their kid using her “specialness” as a platform to discuss a currently hot issue, even if the parents are using their kid’s situation to gain notoriety or whatever else they are looking to gain. On the other hand, it’s pretty simple for the media to call out the parents of the foul-mouthed little girl as exploiting her for monetary gain or fame as few folks will argue with that assessment.

        Using your kid is using your kid and it’s either okay or it’s not. While I am not interested in supporting the YouTube star in her bid for fame and fortune, I also don’t really care if that’s what she wants to do. The same holds true for the trans kid. I hope one day she doesn’t end up regretting being forced to be such a public face for such a hotbed topic, but I don’t really care if she and her parents suck all the fame out of it while they can.

        Are they screwing their kids up in favor of the short term “rewards”? Maybe. But which kid can’t claim their parents screwed them up in one way or another? Fame and fortune. Could be worse, I guess. Perhaps they’ll at least have made enough to cover the visits to their psychologist/psychiatrist.

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