My New Year’s Resolution

So, I’m thinking about changing it up for a change in 2019. Instead of focusing on myself, I think I’ll come up with New Year’s resolutions for other people and not tell them about it.

That way, when they finally fall in line with what I expect of them, I can congratulate them for finally coming around!!!

It’s my passive aggressive way of encouraging group think and a mob mentality, that I can use for my own gain! 🤔

Please, no one copy my idea!


70 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution

      1. Wait! Am I not clear? But you said you’re creating resolutions for others so my question is what do you resolve for me? What do YOU think would be a resolution for me?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              My hope is that you will become so obsessed with pleasing me for positive affirmation, that eventually I will obtain complete control! 😉

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      My wife is pretty foxy, me, not so much. I’m pretty sure she is blind or running from the mob!

                      She is what most would call, “out of my league”!

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Sounds like you got nothing to ask for or seek out. You’re a made man, you have everything anyone could ever dream of

              1. Including a new dictionary,
                my dear wife gave me for
                Christmas. It comes in handy
                when reading blogs on WordPress.
                Being an Aussie, I had to look
                up your ‘Poon Tapper’ reference.
                My new dictionary says it is
                a Spanish spoon used to
                serve up tapas!?

      1. I agree with Victoria: the short bus (or better yet – the insane asylum) for you!
        (On a more serious note: do you ACTUALLY have any NY “resolutions” for us? Or are you just making it up for fun?)

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