Hans Gruber, What We Know So Far….

(Hans Gruber most current known Photo)

(Gruber during his time with the West German Volksfrei)

Not much is known about Hans’s early life except that he enjoyed making models in his youth and claimed to have been classically educated, studying about Alexander the Great. At some point in his adult life Hans fell in with the Volksfrei, a West German terrorist organization.

However, Gruber was later expelled from the movement, presumably for his overly-violent and extreme methods of getting things done.

It is implied that Hans is far more dangerous than more people let on. He was most likely expelled from the Volksfrei movement for being too extreme and although he always maintained his calm persona, had absolutely no problem with killing innocent people and would do so if necessary. 

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8 thoughts on “Hans Gruber, What We Know So Far….

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      From what we now know, a Philadelphia detective, on vacation visiting his family. LT John McClain is inside the tower currently.

      We are unsure of his status though, we don’t know if he is among the hostages or if he is one of the terrorists.

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