Die Hard, A Christmas Movie

Yup, I’m in that clan. I must say though. I really enjoy Die Hard and I’m happy I get to enjoy it every Christmas………I just can’t help but wonder, if anyone would shoulder their damn gun, it would have only lasted maybe 30 seconds!

Thank God for horrible marksmanship!!!


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      1. Alan Rickman is a great actor. He plays the villains soooo well. I hadn’t known that he had died.
        The only movie I’ve seen Bruce Willis in is “Armageddon” and he had hair in that one. Is he bold now?

        1. Seen Rickman in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, in which he plays the evil (and main villain) Sheriff of Nottingham. He’s certainly a great actor, and does a villain very well.

                1. Until watching Die Hard last night, I never realised how much films like White House Down and Skyscraper “borrowed” from Die Hard. I still enjoy them, but it’s almost shocking (in a LOL way) how much is borrowed.

        1. I hope they call an end to the series soon. Thankfully, Willis says that he wants to make a sixth movie, and then end it. (They had gotten a new director for the fifth one, like they did with the fourth one and the second one. The only movies in the entire film series that had the same director was the first and third one).

  1. I loved watching Die Hard with my Dad growing up. I was 10 when that came out. I went to high school near Chicago, so we watched WGN a lot. They did a thing on the weekends called “Movies for guys who like movies,” and they would always show Die Hard and movies like Lethal Weapon. Cool thing about Die Hard is it has two things I love: guns and Christmas! 🙂 I mean what red blooded American doesn’t like guns and Christmas? Yippee Ki yay and Merry Christmas!

          1. An action movie like that could very well be good, but I don’t know if “nice” would be the right term. The Peacemaker, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Skyscraper, Sahara, Paycheck, etc, are all stellar, but I wouldn’t use the descriptive “nice”.

  2. Anonymous

    I would have liked die hard more of John mclane used a 1911, or some other classic American hand gun. The Beretta was a the hotness at the time, but watching it now i cringe at that 17 pound double action trigger pull. I do however, love that the bad guys all mainly use German and Austrian weapons. I particularly like how the unkillable blonde psychopath uses the STG77 Steyr Aug which is such an iconic looking battle rifle. Also, it is a Christmas classic. -Steve

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Great point Steve regarding the Beretta vs 1911. The beretta is a massive gun and a pain to carry concealed.

      Watching Die Hard last night, I couldn’t help but to look up many different guns while watching.

      I’ve always been interested in the Steyr Aug, since I saw it first in “Surviving the Game” https://youtu.be/HlUQFDxJedg

      Another fantastic movie.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      What are your thoughts on the Tavor for that matter? Another bull pup design that seemed popular a few years ago.

    3. 17 lbs trigger pull…LMAO. And, Beretta got outdone by Taurus.

      I agree. Shoulda been a 1911…or, a Colt Python, with a LOT of re-loaders! LOL!

      Hey…’Roy’ carried a revolver.

      Sorry. Love revolvers. I’m so gotdammed old school.😁

    1. My favourite Christmas movies are:
      The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)
      Home Alone (1990)
      Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)
      Finding Father Christmas (2016)
      A Christmas Snow (2010)
      I would add The Nativity Story (2006), but I don’t consider it a Christmas movie.

      1. What I call a Christmas movie is a movie that is set around Christmas and involves snow, Santa, opening presents on Christmas morning, etc. Like “Finding Father Christmas”, the three Santa Claus movies.
        This maybe set around Christmas and released around Christmas, but it is about a hostage situation in a skyscraper with violence, blood and guts, and some gore.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          They offered Paul Hogan the movie, but then realized he wasn’t man enough for it. Being Australian and all.

          I’m sure you understand!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

              1. So I had realised when I looked him up. They offered it to Burt Reynolds, though. But, I think Willis does it best.
                (And until you mentioned him, I’d never heard of Paul Hogan. Australian actors I’m more familiar with are Errol Flynn and Sam Neill.)

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