JM From JM’s History Corner and Rue From Rachaels Novels Call in From Down Under: Podcast Episode 20

JM and Rue call in from Australia and what starts out as an awkward conversation turns into a good time.

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130 thoughts on “JM From JM’s History Corner and Rue From Rachaels Novels Call in From Down Under: Podcast Episode 20

      1. I haven’t gotten to Rue’s part yet because I have to head out in a minute

        Kudos to you, 007, for giving everyone a chance to come on and express themselves. Very commendable on your part.

        As for JM, the kid is intellectually fierce. I can’t believe he’s only 19 with all that knowledge. I’m sitting here thinking what have I done with my life?? 😂 Seriously though I am in awe of him.

        Excellent work, 007! Keep ’em coming.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Thank you so much Rakkelle, if it wasn’t for you and the rest of the “dirty half dozen” I wouldn’t be doing this right now.

          Yeah, JM is a beast.

          What did you think of today’s sponsor?

          1. Australia? My favorite guy is from Australia so I like that place even though I have never been but I have to agree it can’t be as good as the great ole US of A. 😉

                    1. Thanks for pointing that out, obviously I didn’t realize…Apologies from both 007 and I…It’s HIS fault though I was just following his lead, RachEAL. 😂😂😂

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I think hemsworth is the perfect character. He is funny, charming and down to earth (pun intended).

                    3. LOL! Thor is now my favourite of the MCU movies that I have seen so far and Thor is my favourite MCU superhero. Loki’s now my top-favourite villain of all time.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  I gotta stay in contact with you Rue. One day you might be a millionaire author and I’ll be needing to “borrow” some money! You could very well be a cash cow girl! LOL


    Yes!!!! We all love Britchy!!!!!

    Yes both Rue and JM are incredibly talented writers. Very expressive. Their parents have to be so proud.

    JM doesn’t need to go to the University, he could teach those University courses himself. The professors would be probably hate him because he’s smarter than them.

    I don’t like poetry either, JM; and don’t get me started on Algebra. HATE IT!!!

    They were homeschooled? I didn’t realize that. Who teaches homeschool? Their mother?

    For some reason, I don’t think you’re lazy, JM. Not with all that research you put into your writing.

    Rue is 16!!! My God!!!! What have I done with my 45 years????

    Okay, gotta stop now….Will comment more when I finish listening to Rue. Bless her!!

    Ohhhhh… Gotta go check out Rue’s copyright statement.


    1) Rue / Rachel is phenomenal. Again, sheer awe for these 2 in their intellectual superiority and fierceness.

    2) Golly, 007…You didn’t recognize that was a picture of the character Rue from the “Hunger Games”? Oh yeah, you haven’t gotten to the movies in years.

    3) Australia, initially a prison colony? I did not know that.

    4) I’m so impressed with Rachel., 16 freaking years old and already writing a Trilogy. She is talent personified! So very impressive. She sounds super cute too. I need my 15 year old to date someone like her. 😂

    5) I’m only 2 years older than their Mum. Wow!!!! Kudos to their Dad…That age difference is no joke. He’s obviously got something going for him. Why is he in the hospital? What’s wrong?

    6) You, my man, is a fantastic interviewer!!! You nailed it at the most important parts of the interview. You kept it going and got over all of the awkwardness. You even got JM to loosen up towards the end without that shot of whiskey 😉….Damn, 007, I said it before and I’ll say it again. YOU. ARE. A. NATURAL!!!!!

    1. 1) Thank you!! I have never thought of myself as intelligent.
      2) I haven’t seen the movie either. Saw the pic when browsing through “Hunger Games” material on the internet.
      4) LOL!
      5) You are 2 years YOUNGER than my mother. Dad has had a stroke amongst other problems, which is why he is in hospital.

    2. I read all your comments. THANK YOU for the feedback! It means a lot (especially considering how it started out LOL). Glad to find someone else who hates poetry and algebra. My Grandad thinks algebra’s useless. What you said about university is similar to what 007 once told me. Yes, it’s well-known history here in Aus that we were founded as a prison colony. The Brits JUST beat the French to it. They originally weren’t interested in Western Australia – until the French got interested. Our Mum teaches/homeschools us. If you’re 45, you’re 2 years YOUNGER than our Mum. Grinning at your comment about my accent (the recording seriously distorted my voice – and Racheal’s).
      And I respectfully disagree on America being greater than Australia. We could beat you any day! 🙂

      1. Yeah, you got off to a bit of a slow, awkward start, JM, but 007 is so good at “the art of conversation” that he was able to help you forget that you’re shy and turn it all around. It was good interview and I enjoyed learning so much more about you, Racheal and the great continent of Australia.

        Your Mum is super woman, huh?! Close to my age with 6 kids and she home schools them too. I’m blown away by her ability to do all of that. I only have one kid and I’m tired all the time…LOL.

        You’re a super smart kid, JM. Don’t waste your talent on University degrees. I’m sure there is a market for what you write about, go ahead and go make some money off of that. With Rachael’s flair for writing and your knowledge of History especially your wealth of information on the British Royals I am sure you guys can write a helluva screenplay and sell it to Hollywood.

        It was a pleasure listening to you guys in this Podcast. Keep up the excellent work!

          1. I can see that happening. Your trilogy is interesting enough to turn into movies. I know a little bit about wheeling and dealing and negotiating a helluva contract (I’m an attorney). I would be happy to represent you in order to get the best deal possible for “Zion”.

            Now if only WE had the necessary contacts to get US a sit down with a top Director (Spielberg) isn’t the only brilliant one out there to make your dreams come through. Don’t give up on your dreams though. I can see it coming through. 💕

              1. So many great Sci-fi directors out there..Ahh, let’s see – George Lucas, Chris Nolan, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, M. Night Shyamala (one of my faves) just to name a few.

                1. I have never heard of M. Night Shyamala. I’ve heard of the others and thought about them. But I’ve heard that George Lucas is retiring. I’ve never actually seen a Christopher Nolan film before (though I’ve heard about him and his “Dark Knight” trilogy). Ridley Scott’s pretty good (I’ve seen his film “The Martian”), and I haven’t seen a Cameron movie – yet.

                  1. His name is actually M. Night Shyamalan. I missed typing the letter “n” at the end of his surname. If I give you a list of movies to watch would you be able to do it?

  3. I’m enjoying this podcast because I read JM and Rue’s blogs, they are both fascinating in different ways. JM I’m very interested in some of your facts and it’s exciting.

    007 I’m starting a podcast soon!! on topics like unbiblical traditions of certain sects of Christianity like JM calls them. Thanks for sharing this 007.

    I’m still listening

  4. I’ve listened to it now. I found it quite amusing listening to myself (and Rakkelle’s description of me). Hopefully next time will be more smooth. It was great talking with you and I hope to be able to come on again.

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        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          HahhHa, next time it’ll be better. Now that you have some it once and listened to it. I think you’ll feel much more relaxed the next time

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  8. Great podcast brother! I have been following Rue’s and J-M’s blogs for several months now, so it was great to hear their voices! Thank you for the exposure with the shout out, I appreciate it! God bless you and Merry Christmas!

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  11. These two are a delight! I’d definitely like to hear from them again. I think a more structured format might be easier, along the lines of the ‘ask mr anything’ series. I get the impression having a list of topics or pre- listed questions would allow them to collect their thoughts – being put on the spot is hard! It’s like a job interview if you’re nervous and it’s hard to have the information you want to give at the tip of your tongue. I don’t think structure would impede free speech, I just think it would allow them to have notes of what they want to speak about. They’re both very eloquent when they forget they’re nervous.
    Ps, maybe it’s because Brits and Aussies have a lot of interaction but I found their accents really easy to hear but for the first time, it struck me how different American and Australian accents are 😊

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Totally, from what I gather most of my guest do pen down a few topics and they usually start off and it just takes off from there.

      I’m not opposed to structure, I just really enjoy the organic conversation.

      1. I think it would still be very natural, in this case it would just give a little more confidence. There’s still be opportunities to go off script but it would make it an easier start.

    2. Thank you Britchy for listening! “They’re both very eloquent when they forget they’re nervous” – LOL. I had tried a second time to do a podcast, and had a topic pre-planned, but it went awful, so I am reluctant to pre-prepare a topic for a podcast ever again. I really like how different our accents are.

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              1. I’m doing alright. One of my younger brothers is in hospital (nothing to do with COVID-19, dont’ worry) and now another one of my brothers is looking to go into hospital as well, so…I’m actually very tired, if I’m being honest.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I can understand your frustrations Rue. I’m the complete opposite, I already enjoyed staying home and now, I don’t have to go anywhere!

                    2. I would share your sentiments…if I wasn’t living with a three year old brother. Plus, I’m the type that goes stir crazy if I don’t get out of the house after a while.

                    3. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Yeah, I can understand that how that can be challenging…on the other hand, you’re leaning how to become stronger and how to innovate because you are now forced to. I think that these lessons will serve you well in your life and help you to gain a new and insightful perspective and ironclad resilience.

                    4. I never thought of it like that. Thank you for your perspective. It helps. 🙂 How’s your wife and kids going? Coping with it all alright? (BTW, I’m watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker right now)

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