Is Mattis the Wheel?

Is General Mattis the actual “wheel” or is he just one of many spokes? The military is designed that no matter what, it keeps on rolling. Not a single person is the wheel and not a single person controls the wheel.

From what I understand General Mattis was an outstanding Commander. With that being said, don’t buy into the hyperbole. Don’t buy into the nonsense that will ensue. Realize that this is a cover story.

This is designed to distract. Mattis is a nobody in the grand scheme. He is simply a part of the wheel. He is not the wheel and remember, the wheel stops for nobody.


6 thoughts on “Is Mattis the Wheel?

  1. Anonymous

    If you are looking at this in a vaccuum, yes he is is just a man. However, this is a respected 4 star general who is leaving because of fundamental disagreements with the president. If we trust that the president picked the best man for the job, and the best man for the job left because he disagrees with how his boss wants the best man to do said job, I believe that warrants a closer look. I don’t see a lot of media spin on why Mattis is leaving, his letter of resignation is pretty clear. I think the high turnover rate in this administration coupled with the fact that the presidents tweets often seem to undercut mattis and the Pentagon may be a signal to some that there there is quite a bit of chaos in the white house currently, and perhaps that this is not the best leadership style for the leader of the free world to use. These, however, are a matter of opinion. Also, if all the spokes in the wheel fall off is that wheel as effective as it could be? -steve

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Great counter Steve…I must say the way you frame it. Makes it very clear. I tend to agree with you Steve.

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