Are You Affected By Advertising?

All of the nonsense outrage over what Facebook did or did not do is mere hyperbole. Facebook’s stock is still doing well on Wall Street and their member numbers have hardly fallen. Let’s face it, Facebook is here to stay. The question now is whether or not you are as well?

Are you really that surprised that Facebook may have sold your information? Or are you outraged that you didn’t think of it first?

Let’s say that Google and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and all of the other social media platforms are harvesting and making profits off of your information. What are you gonna do about it? What can you do about it? Does any of this really affect you or are you just that lonely that you wanna be part of a group, the outrage group?

Let’s say that they use our information for advertising. If you’re smart, and want to hold onto your money then the advertising should have zero effect on you. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Whether you want to be on the “Kiss Cam” or not, is really not your decision. You entered the stadium of your own volition and now you are being used. Yet, the effects of this have practically zero actual affect on you if you don’t allow it. If you buy into the hysteria, then it will affect you.

Only things that bother you will affect you.

Effect only work on effects.

If you have nothing to give, then they have nothing to take. The more “baggage” you carry for other people, the easier it becomes to lose your “baggage”. That is when everything becomes all mixed up and lost.

The less you give shit, the less shit you have to lose!


12 thoughts on “Are You Affected By Advertising?

  1. I encourage people to dump their social media if they don’t need them. Who knows how your info is really used (ex. photos)? You’re right – ads don’t really do all that much for me, but I do feel creeped out when I see ads for something I looked for a while back. I like to think of my computer/ the Internet, as a machine that does what I want it to do, not as a machine controlled by other humans that controls me.

  2. I NEVER liked FB. I was talked into it by classmates for the impending reunion back in 2008/2009. Then, I was on it for Ken. Then, more classmates (for DL training)…

    I had played with MySpace & got bored. I thought FB was annoying. Now, it’s annoying in stereo. SO many obnoxious people.

    I was blogging before any of that. And, I’m a little annoyed that WordPress is trying to act like FB with all the “likes”. And, that has trained people into wanting their likes.

    And, I’m with you, Coffee. I really don’t want to comment unless I have something to contribute.

    I still have a profile placeholder for Messenger communication but, past that, FB can kiss my ass.

    I tried Twitter. I never grasped it. I have an account on Minds. I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve never been on Instagram. It’s all TOO MUCH.

    I will just blog. ❤

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      And here I am, meddling in the podcast arena!!!

      I hear ya Victoria. It’s all whatever we allow it to be….if it consumes us, then we wanted to be consumed.

  3. I have heard that now you cannot delete your account or what you put up on FB. Which is why I am not going on there. It would be better to avoid all of those so they can’t use your information.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I don’t believe them this time…..they just give us enough information to make us believe that “this time” they won’t be evil.

    2. You can delete your own stuff. I’ve done that. If you are the original poster, you can remove it. If someone else posts an image of you, no. Only they can remove it.

      Does FB retain copies of everything, somewhere? Probably. FB, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram…all the big social media giants have ties & backdoors to the CIA.

      Besides all that, your image & location has been captured 1000s of times…cell towers, geolocation, street corner cameras, satellites, cameras on PCs, laptops & cellphones…they know who you are. Pay any of your bills online? That is tracked. They know where you live. All of us are tracked. Ever heard of the data center in Utah?

      You want anonymity? There are some places that are remote enough…Big Bend National Park in West Texas, Australian Outback, Northern Alaska, Siberia, Appalachian Mountains, Parts of Canada, remote islands… But, even then, ancient tribes still in existence (like the one that killed the missionary) are tracked, too, so…

      1. They probably keep copies. I had heard from others that they weren’t able to truly delete their stuff on FB and such.
        Yes, that is the danger of putting a photo of yourself online – people can then use that to pinpoint where you are. Yeah, they track everything.

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