A Drunkard Never Lies

Whenever anyone is inebriated, they tend to think and express themselves crystal clear. The next time someone tries to point out the “fallacies” in the Bible, just tell em this. “From the Old Testament to the New Testament onto the Monks who transcribed and translated the Kings James Version, they were all drunk, therefore they were telling the truth”!

Everyone is always drinking wine in the Bible. Monks brewed wine and beer in the Middle Ages. Remember “Friar Tuck” from Robin Hood? He the perfect example of a drunk spittin truphs. No inhibition, just plain gospel.

“The friar took Robin on his back” Illustration by Louis Rhead to Bold Robin Hood and His Outlaw Band: Their Famous Exploits in Sherwood Forest

Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “A Drunkard Never Lies

  1. Anonymous

    Being ‘Drunk in the Spirit’
    is where it is at.
    No bar tab to settle,
    and no hangover
    from which to recover.
    That … I can handle.

  2. That’s an interesting perspective. Although I doubt the drunk part, they certainly drank. And while Christianity has a “biblical” religious opposition to drinking, there’s nothing in Scripture forbidding drinking – only drunkenness.

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