Conservative Nation 3 and President Trump’s Bump-Stock Ban: Podcast Episode 17

Conservative Nation drops in to talk about a debate he got into on his Conservative Nation Official Facebook Page.

I talk about President Trump’s Bump-Stock Ban Executive Order

President Trump Bans Bump-Stocks Via Executive Order

Conservative Nation


I mentioned the following bloggers:

Sandi, Straight From the Heart


25 thoughts on “Conservative Nation 3 and President Trump’s Bump-Stock Ban: Podcast Episode 17

          1. Hmm.. I’ve noticed something about the way conservatives and liberals look at truth in respect to the government.

            When it’s for a side it’s legal when it’s against its anti freedom.

            I’m going to wait until both sides work together, then jump in and cry foul.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  its almost like Clinton and the whole super predator thing, I guess the 2A community will have to wait for maybe 20 years before they consider releasing them.

                  1. The only thing being released is belt buckles as people get bigger on processed foods while popping pills from big pharma (because of the food) so they can play the blame game on skype.


                    1. People are more motivated to eat and argue than to work together and improve the government.

                      I don’t see people snapping out of it anytime soon.

                      Everyone I know is doing two thing 1) Getting way bigger than I have ever seen (it’s not natural) 2) Arguing more and thinking less. I mean these are intelligent hard working people and they make no sense. It’s like they are in a fog of the mind.

                      Mabe it’s different where you are but this is what I have been observing for the last 10 years or so.

                    2. It’s weird, for the most part they stay clear of me but every time we talk they seem completely taken by surprise by things I know. Like it’s the first time they’ve heard it.

                      But it’s obvious things that anyone would know. Then they seem completely confused but just forget about it within a few days like it never happened. Then we do it all over again.

                      It’s like they are NPC’s or something.

                    3. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Maybe they are playing a game with you or entertaining you. Either way, that sounds pretty weird.

                    4. It’s no game. I’ll give you a real example of something that happened. Keep in mind that these are all IT guys (well trained very intelligent)

                      We were all in the break room. One of the guys start talking about his farm and the fact that there wasn’t any rain for over a month and that everything was dried up. So the cows from a neighbors land were coming on his property over a fully dried up stream looking for anything to eat.

                      They started talking about how stupid liberals were for thinking Global warming caused the drought (this went on for a few and it sounded really stupid) I’m not saying that global warming is real or fake just that the conversation was stupid.

                      Then one of the guys said that something strange was happening with a tree on the plot. He said that the tree was staying green even though everything around it was dead. He talked about it like it was a miracle or a sign. Some of the other guys started doing that thing where they just say “Yep” and agree.

                      I broke in and said, “It’s just an underground stream, the roots go deep so it’s still getting water”.

                      They all just stared at me and one of the guys said how I was always talking about science and other strange things and started laughing. Just blew what I said off like it was nonsense.

                      What do you make of it?

                    5. bottomlesscoffee007

                      People are people no matter where no matter when. The couch potato of yesterday is now an athlete compared to the cell phone/tablet junkie these day.

  1. Anonymous

    Lander7, I agree. I think people are encouraged (by a number of factors) to eat more and think less. I would like to think that it is some sort of grand cabal of super intelligent wizards who are systemically destroying human culture for their own gain, but I think it is more likely that the world is run by greedy self serving morons who’s only desire is a bit more power. -Steve

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I can understand your perspective. At the same time though, just because you or I disagree with something doesn’t mean that it should be outlawed.

  2. Interesting take on the podcast here… Not sure what scientific argument (that Lander7) was referring too that connects obesity to “dumb arguments”, or “thinking less”? To me, that sounded like a dumb argument/statement, pending any scientific data (or research) that connects to two and redeems his idiotic statement… As far as American’s getting fatter, isn’t that more of a cultural thing? Go to any restaurant and you will see way over-sized portions with huge plates, compared to any other nation in the world…. Processed foods have been around since the early 1940s FFS… It’s time to put Alex Jones’s tin foil hat down and observe the obvious… As far as Lander 7’s opinion that people are “thinking less and arguing more” goes; doesn’t arguing actually require more thinking?? I’d rather have people arguing and settling their differences than acting like an obedient cuck… Since when is arguing and expressing different opinions, a bad thing anyway? As Americans we were born to argue and disagree with one another; that’s what makes us unique. It’s our inability to conform and be obedient, but instead, exercise critical thinking and have our own opinions… Most free-thinking Conservative’s will tell you that Government is a bureaucracy that can’t be “fixed” but should instead be reduced, by winning the battle of ideas… If you think conformity is a good thing, then former Democrat VP candidate Tim Kaine, may have a cuckholding school that’s perfect for the intellectually lazy, who choose to conform instead of think for themselves and have their own opinions.

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