So, The NRA Basically Said Fuck You America……..and Somehow Ollie North and Benedict Nugent are Immune?

Somehow Oliver North the president of the NRA isn’t being called out. Meanwhile ole draft dodger Uncle Ted Nugent isn’t being called out on “Fox and Friends”. Ted Nugent has been on the NRA board of directors for years, somehow Uncle Ted is cool with a federal bump-stock ban.

I guess the “Motor City Madman” is actually just another corporate sell-out.

Benedict Nugent is cool with a white man taking your guns, just no negroes!




20 thoughts on “So, The NRA Basically Said Fuck You America……..and Somehow Ollie North and Benedict Nugent are Immune?

      1. That’s for sure! But, we need to get smarter these days. You’re helping me to see the light. I don’t like hearing political stuff because it makes me so angry and I can’t do a thing about it. So I decided to get more informed. Still scratching my head over most of it, but I’m willing to take off the blindfolds an inch at a time. I’m sorta like my youngest grandson who covered his head with his blanket when he didn’t want to see a scary scene on TV. As he got a little braver, he cut a hole so he could peep through it. That’s me and politics.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          The one thing and most important aspect of politics, policy, legislation, regulation etc. is that:

          1. You are an American Citizen

          2. You pay taxes

          That is all you need to make a decision about anything in your community, state and nation. Don’t be afraid decide. You are a citizen and you pay taxes. That is all you need.

          Your citizenship and taxes pay for your right to choose whatever way you want.

          Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

          1. Thanks. But I feel that my rights, even my vote doesn’t count anymore. I used to believe that the election was fair and square. Then Obama slithered through the door. My vote didn’t count at all. I still can’t stand to look at that guy! He nearly ruined America and still, people can’t see it. I’ve often wondered if he’s the Antichrist the Bible mentions. Probably not, but pretty close, I think. My view of our country and our freedom and our voice is very blurred here lately. What I once believed our country to be is not my country anymore. I have tears in my eyes just writing about my feelings. I love My country and it’s falling apart. No, people are ripping it apart and it hurts. It really hurts.

              1. Yet, I have to remind myself that God’s Word tells us what the end times will be like. We are living in the last days. The book of Revelation is more understandable to me today than it was years ago. God is our only hope. We can’t depend on the government, the church, or even our family and friends. God is our only hope. I believe that nothing happens unless He allows it to happen.

  1. Sorry, if I double comment, but I was having troubles with posting the first one.
    What happened? I’ve been out of the news loop a couple of days.
    Which reminds me- some of your posts might benefit from intros/ explanations, because not everyone is always on top of things. Such might make people understand you better and where you’re coming from.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      thats a good point Goldie. Trump has officially announced his executive order banning bump-stocks, giving law abiding citizens 90 days to turn them in or destroy them.

      Oliver North is now the president of the NRA and Ted Nugent has been on the board for years now. It was the NRA that asked the ATF to re-look their original decision concerning bump-stocks. Its a slippery slope, to create criminals out of law abiding Americans with the swipe of the pen.

      1. I’m pretty surprised to hear that one has to turn it in/ destroy it, but I also know that some things got to give. You can only pressure and bombard a person with a million demands before they give in.

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