In Boxing They are Referred to as “Record Padders”

A record padder in boxing is a fighter who’s aim is to lose. The record padder makes their money by losing, to boost the confidence of the winning fighter and to help the “champion” build their record. Whenever the fighter’s record is cited, for example let’s say: 57 wins, 20 by knock out and 10 losses. This is the fighters record, a win is a win regardless, even if it was against a “record padder”. To fight professional, a fighter must already have a certain number of fights to even be considered eligible to apply for a fighting license.

That’s what I think of every time I hear about the Iowa Caucuses. What is it about Iowa that brings in all of these politicians to test their pending candidacy?

Is Iowa used as a “record padder” in politics or is there more to the story? Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus in 2016, however Trump won Iowa by a margin of almost 10% over Clinton with 51.1% compared to Clinton with 41.7%. Yet still Iowa is used as the measuring stick for future presidential candidates.

Why do you think that is the case?

Is Iowa a “record padder” in this sense or is there more to the story?

Is Iowa simply used to boost the confidence and the record of the politician?

Or to fool the public into thinking that Iowa is a battleground state?

Just remember, it ain’t over till it’s over. Predictions and speculation is just that. And if you are unaware of what they used to formulate this desired outcome, you may very well lose your home in the next market crash.

Roll the dice, we all do everyday. No matter what, everything is always a gamble.


7 thoughts on “In Boxing They are Referred to as “Record Padders”

  1. You kinda lost me on this one. Politics has never been my strong suit. I do know, however, that America is headed for disaster. I know that America has kicked God to the curb and opened her arms to anything and everything unrelated to God. And that scares me. I also lost faith in the system when Obama was so-called elected not once but twice! A whole lot of cheating went on there. The game of politics is not played by the rules. So many liars and cheaters that should be behind bars are still lose and causing as much trouble as they can for the sake of money, power and control. WHY???? I’ll tell you why. Because money talks. Blackmail talks. And we the people are just little pawns in their demented game. I have never felt so unsafe living in America as I do at this moment.

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