Corporate and Government Approved Weed

How many of you know that there are companies that are publicly traded that profit directly off of marijuana? Corporations are taking over the weed gamut. Just like they did with alcohol and firearms and everything else.

When you think of weed, does Macdonalds come to mind? What about the pharmaceutical industry?

How about Google, Apple, Microsoft etc? Ford and GMC? All of these industries make massive capital out of lobbying. Weed now has its own lobby.

With all this legalization of marijuana, where are all of the profits going? Straight to D.C. and the wallets of the elite. The towns and communities do not profit from the marijuana industry. The people do not profit. Like everything else in this world, if there is money to be made. Only a select few will make it.

Why does anyone who wants to grow their own plant face criminal charges for doing so without a license? How come marijuana cannot be sold legally at the local farmers market?

Who is the approving authority for what, how much and who can purchase? Marijuana used to be for the rebel, now it wears a suit and tie. It is approved by a board of shareholders and licensed by the state.

Why are you so damn stubborn that when it comes to marijuana, you are happy to simply let the government, no let “the man” dictate weed?

When weed becomes corporate, I wonder. What else you are willing to forsake for your next fix?

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9 thoughts on “Corporate and Government Approved Weed

  1. Anonymous

    Now the stoners can pay their fair share of tax. I know the black economy has been good for funding
    various sly spy agencies, but enough is enough. The tax on alcohol & tobacco is unfair , while criminals get
    a free pass.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly. We do what we are told and what we are allowed. If we are good citizens, the government might allow us to have a good time, just not too much.

      Besides, the taxes we pay are minuscule compared to the money that the lobbyists bring in!

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      Only if the entire class does their assignments, has no demerits and everyone hails the teacher. Then maybe, we might have a pizza party.

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