When A Soldier is Killed in Action (KIA)

When a Soldier dies in action, it is a very somber time. They usually lock down communications, so the Casualty Assistance Team has enough time to notify the family members before they hear about it from unofficial sources, i.e. Facebook and other social media sources and from other people. It is very important that the Casualty Assistance Team be the first notification, it shows the utmost respect for the family. It may be hard and seem sterile, But this begins the process to render full military honors for their ultimate sacrifice.

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It is hard for the family, and it is incredibly difficult for the Casualty Assistance Team. They must deliver this news to the remaining heartbroken family member in the most professional manner, humility and compassion are of utmost importance.

Courtesy “The Messenger” 2009

This is an unforgettable moment in the lives of everyone involved.

Courtesy “The Messenger” 2009

Concurrently, back in country. A team will enter the KIA Soldier’s living quarters and pack all of their belongings up to be shipped back to their family. So, wherever the family resides, they are receiving the most devastating news, they hoped and prayed they would never receive. While in country, the remaining battle buddies stand idly aside, realizing they just lost their friend, yet tomorrow they go back out, with one less person watching their back and being there for them.

Tears are shed across oceans, separated by time zones and terrain.

The KIA Soldier’s belongings are received and signed for by the family. Dirty socks, pictures, bedding, everything. Care packages that were sent and never received are also returned to the family. The care packages never reached their destination.

Once the tour is complete, a few of the Soldier’s buddies will travel to his hometown to meet and grieve with the remaining family.

A young man, Killed in Action, made the ultimate sacrifice. His buddies meet his parents.

A friend of mine made that trip a while ago, to meet the family of our fallen brother. During the visit, the mother brought out a few of the belongings and asked if he or any of the other fellas would like to have something of his, to remember. Plus, she wasn’t sure what she would do with it.

The Hero was a young man, a young man deployed to combat. So, like many other men, he had a movie, a DVD more specifically. Pirates…The biggest production porn to date at the time….

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One of the belongings that the mother offered was Pirates. A soft spoken very sweet lady, probably had no idea what the movie was. And if she did, I’m sure she was not offended.

My brother, saw that the mother had offered up Pirates and quickly snatched it up with a zealous “I’ll take that”!

Soldier’s no matter our age we are still “Joe” at heart. We love each other and we miss each other, but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t still the lug-heads we were when we initially enlisted.


Regardless of what happened and what will happen…..we are still down, never too old, never too decrepit and always with pussy on our minds!!!

All of this actually took place, nothing has been changed. No names, dates or locations were divulged!

We are all human and we all need to remember that.


17 thoughts on “When A Soldier is Killed in Action (KIA)

  1. Casualty Assistance Team. Wow. What a lovely improvement to silence or the soulless telegram or letter.

    You started out with KIAs and wound up with The Pirates of Porn. 🤔😄

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Agreed Victoria. It’s a true story through and through. All of this actually took place. A wonderful story between me and my brothers, a chuckle in a time of sorrow.

      We are all human. The normalcy of humanity.

      I hope you enjoyed it Victoria.

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