Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study : John Stossel

Judge for yourself. Take it for what you think it is worth. Just another observation.


31 thoughts on “Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study : John Stossel

  1. At time 4:19 the video describes Switzerland as having more mass shootings than the US. This is strange given that Switzerland has one of the highest rates for gun ownership in the world with nearly least amount of shootings ever recorded.

    Switzerland is well documented.

    “Switzerland hasn’t had a mass shooting since 2001, when a man stormed the local parliament in Zug, killing 14 people and then himself.”

    “The country has about 2 million privately owned guns in a nation of 8.3 million people. In 2016, the country had 47 homicides with firearms. The country’s overall murder rate is near zero.”

    I can see where they listed countries in war zones also in the list and I would agree that those countries like Iraq do in fact have higher mass shootings.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s the thing Lander, like everything else, there is no set standard. So we dig our heels in always wanting to be right.

      That’s why I prefaced it with “take it for what it’s worth”.

      1. You stated — “That’s why I prefaced it with “take it for what it’s worth”.”

        My response — Seems fair. I would say they are reaching a bit but I get the message they want to convey.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              It’s all about winning all the time Lander. I know we disagree on a lot, but it doesn’t stop us from talking. That’s the problem, everyone wants so bad to be right, the couldn’t care less about the cost. So the pendulum continues to swing further and further in each direction.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      It could be. I don’t speak for the research. Just thought of you and our conversation when I saw it.

      Many different angles, all trying to make money.

  2. I hadn’t known all that. Very interesting that he refused to give out information on how he did it all. Sounds like he didn’t do much research and arrived at a hasty conclusion.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s the whole point of statistics. No one ever really knows where they come from. But people wanna sound smart and talk numbers.

      It’s easy to remember and even easier to come off sounding somewhat intelligent when you cite statistics and numbers. Plus, most people don’t ask for sources and studies, a simple “where do those numbers originate and what is the underlying motive for such claims”?

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