Conservative Nation 2: Podcast Episode 12

Conservative Nation talks about the pending shutdown and the semantics surrounding Trump, Chuck and Nancy. Transgender athletes and more!!!!

Lastly, VICTORIA…. finally gave you a shout out!!!!

Check out Cosmic Observation/The Hinoeuma:


44 thoughts on “Conservative Nation 2: Podcast Episode 12

      1. It’s hard to listen without getting angry and upset. I’d just like to jerk a not in them. How can they be so stupid? Their greed and hatred for Trump has gobbled up their brains! And people voted for these people???

              1. bottomlesscoffee007

                I really enjoy listening to David Goggins. Thanks for the link. I was listening to him just the other day on Joe Rogan

                    1. That’s the thing. He’s never been in the military. He was a pastor but flet a deeper calling. He went to Hell Week that is offered to sylvians and from there went through various types of training to teach self defense and counter terroeisim. He travels the globe training police and doing rescue missions. And yes, I am very proud of my son; not just because he’s my son but for the man that he is. I am blessed!

                    2. Thank you for your service! Hubby served in the Navy aboard the USS Forrestal CVA 59 during the fire. What branch did you serve in? My wild guess is the Marines.

  1. I can hear CN better, the volume on his end is better, but I am still having trouble making out what he is saying. I could make out some of it, but most of it I couldn’t make out. Is it something at his end or could it be my computer?

  2. WOW! I see a man, a woman-hater that looks like a woman and enjoys beating up women and gets away with it because he now claims to be a woman. That’s what I see and it really makes me angry! Shame on him. He is not a her. He’s mean and cruel to women!

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