Would You Rather Talk With Someone or Would You Rather Speak With Anyone?

If you had your druthers, would you rather talk with a “someone”, a person who wields influence? Or, would you rather just speak with “anyone”, a regular person in public?

There are more anyones than there are someones. Someone has money, power and influence, yet they would rather make money by appeasing the anyones.

Sometimes the power is in the hands of the anyones. Since the anyones have the numbers.

How would you broach something?

Would you broach something with someone or anyone?


16 thoughts on “Would You Rather Talk With Someone or Would You Rather Speak With Anyone?

  1. The thing is, if you make a difference to a nobody, and they make a difference to another nobody – it starts an effect the somebody’s can’t ignore. I’ve always said little people can change the world. We just have to believe in each other

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ok Goldie. I can respect that. Would you forsake anyone for someone though?

      I ask because some people have been telling me “to not cast my pearls before swine”. And I cannot understand why I shouldn’t attempt to talk with everyone.

      In my faith, we are supposed to spread the word of God and the whole casting pearls before swine seems counter to that ideology.

      If we are meant to love each other as God said, then what’s the problem with just talking with anyone. If they don’t listen, it’s nothing lost.

      The same is true of the left and the right. Why segregate amongst ourselves, instead take a chance?

      1. Oh, no. I don’t forsake just anyone. It takes a lot more than just someone.

        I understand their point of view. I was like you once – open to discussions with anyone. I still am. BUT I do cease the conversation way sooner than I would have some years ago. I feel like in the past, you could discuss things and change one another’s mind. Now, when I’m racist, sexist, and all the other -ists, and people would rather die than think, I capitulated and move on from the swine.

        You make a great point about spreading the Word. Be it in the religious sense or not. Totally. However, some doors (people) are not ready to be opened. Using a crowbar will just damage them. So it’s better to wait (let them be), and hope that they open (clams comparison comes to mind – some never open).

        Take a chance indeed. If everyone is “afraid”, then no one meets others of like-mindedness, either.

  2. Well, it would depend on the “someone”. If they actually cared about the “anyones” and actually were going to do their job, I would talk to them, otherwise I would ignore them.
    I would talk to “anyones” as well.

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