Virtue and Civility Do Not Coexist

Virtue and civility will never cross paths and they will never exist on the same plane. Those who aim to be virtuous will never tolerate diversity, since virtue only aims to be virtuous.

Those who wish to be civil, cannot access virtue, since civility beseeches virtue. To be civil would allow people lacking the drive for virtue to intermingle.

You can either strive for virtue or civility. If you attempt to capture both, you will lose everything.

I hope to be civil.

Since I am void of virtue.


27 thoughts on “Virtue and Civility Do Not Coexist

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          LOL, it’s true though. At least I think so.

          You’re so funny Dorothy. Thanks for reading and commenting. I always look forward to your take on what I write.

      1. Okay, here’s what I think. If a person is truly virteous, then being polite (civil) fits in there someplace. Take God, for instance. He’s totally virteous; perfect. Can’t make mistakes, yet He created us with a free will. He doesn’t like all the choices we make and He never tolerates sin, yet He doesn’t strike us all dead. He is polite (civil) and allows us to be what we choose to be. He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t turn His head from it, but He accepts the fact that He gave us free will and is polite (civil) about us excercising that free will. So I would say that God is virteous and civil and gives us the power to be virteous and civil. I’m not saying that it’s easy, I’m saying that I believe it is possible depending on our relationship with Christ.

  1. At first I thought that one can co-exist with the other. But then I read your explanation. Thought-provoking for sure!
    While I understand what some have been saying about the virtuous, I’m not sure that I totally agree. We’re not perfect – that’s for sure. Those that consider themselves virtuous aren’t always that. But in theory, shouldn’t we all strive to be virtuous?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      So, like Dorothy. I can agree that we can strive for virtue and civility in tandem. But…

      I think it takes an incredibly strong person to exercise virtue on themselves while being civil with everyone else.

      Virtue is within and civility is without. I think this often get twisted though.

      1. Anonymous

        You say they can never cross paths. But…..civility is where virtue starts. If civility is being polite & virtue is moral…how do you act with virtue if can can’t start with being polite and if the two build like that surely there must be a crossing. No?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I don’t look at civility as politeness. Being polite is being political.

          Virtue has no room for civility since virtue, does not allow people to be who they are….virtue is a farce. Since virtue requires judgement.

          Civility allows communication.

          Virtue beseeches community.

          None can claim true and absolute virtue, all they can do is pretend virtue when it suits them.

          1. Anonymous

            The actual definition of civility is politeness. Agree being polite does allow for communication. Can you explain your interpretation of it as political?

            You’re looking at virtue as a religious thing or a judgement. The definition is high moral standard. What’s wrong with that? High moral standard is good for society. Why does a high moral standard require judgement? We can all be responsible for our own actions and choose a high moral standard for ourselves.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Virtue is within and should not be exercised on the public. Each individual should chose for themselves and there should be zero recourse for not being virtuous. The virtue you speak of is false and misleading.

              What is the purpose of politeness without ulterior motives?

              1. Anonymous

                First the squeezing of the replies is making this difficult! I’m reading like a hooked on phonics commercial.

                I think we may be saying some of the same things. When I say we’re all responsible for our own actions and choices and you could add consequences isn’t that the same as each individual choosing for themselves and not having virtue forced upon them. I agree this would not work.

                Your second question is interesting. Who decides? I think in society there are things that are standard please & thank you. Ultimately it’s as above. If you chose what you feel is right & come from a good place for yourself most decent Americans will come to the same place. Those that stand out are that guy in the store. We all can recognize that.

                Got to get on my plane. Enjoyed the conversation 007!

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Sorry for the additional comments. I thought of a few extra points and I wanted to get them to you. This model could possibly work, with having said that, I think it would take an incredibly measured and humble person to exercise the two in tandem.

                  Have a safe trip.

                  Thanks for stopping by, taking time to read and comment thoughtfully.

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