Trump Might Be Going To Jail?!?!?

Does this mean that the same Department of Justice who locks up thousands of innocent people everyday, has finally pulled through and are starting to do their jobs?


Does it mean that the “Deep State” is in full effect?


President Trump is the very first politician who lies and breaks the law?


Then again, if President Trump gets locked up, then that would open the door for more Presidents in the future to be locked up as well!

Too bad congress can’t even show up to work most of the time! Maybe we can start to lock them up as well. There should be ongoing investigations into all elected officials, forever!

Once the proverbial cherry has been popped. It just gets that much easier next and so on and so on.


9 thoughts on “Trump Might Be Going To Jail?!?!?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Man, you ain’t kidding. These people need to synch their watches if they ever expect to pull anything off!

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