I’m a Man of My Word: Help Me, Help You Follow-Up

Check out the bottom of my page. Everyone who asked for some space got some. I will also be giving you people shout outs on my upcoming podcasts. I hope this will help your sites to grow and gain in traffic. I will be checking your sites soon to see if you are providing me some space as well. Help Me, Help You.

Help Me, Help You


16 thoughts on “I’m a Man of My Word: Help Me, Help You Follow-Up

  1. You might want to consider adding a hyperlink to their web addresses so readers can just click and get to their sites otherwise they have to copy and paste and might not think it worth the hassle. Just my two cents.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      You’re right Ruth and I’m working on that. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out today. For some reason, it’s a challenge to add hyperlinks to the widgets!

      1. I’m glad you’re working on it and wish you luck in figuring it out (that’s about all the help I can be). I have found figuring out this whole blog thing a challenge. 🙂

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