When They Attempt to Peddle Jeffrey Epstein as a Trump Associate

Remember, it was President Bill Clinton that traveled the world with Jeffrey Epstein, on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet. The media will do whatever they must, even publish fraudulent stories, all in an attempt to blame President Trump and protect Hillary Clinton.



5 thoughts on “When They Attempt to Peddle Jeffrey Epstein as a Trump Associate

  1. I didn’t know who Epstein was, so had to google him. Clinton traveled with him, eh? Hmm…
    Just another example of trying to pin Trump for something and completely ignoring the fact that either Bill or Hillary or both did it.

  2. Epstein is a close friend of Prince Andrew (verifiable fact). Which puts one of Epstein’s victims claims that Andrew was involved in the paedophilic filth that went on in an interesting light (there’s a bit of circumstantial evidence to support her).

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