U.S. Intelligence Said That Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction

U.S. intelligence says that there will be dire consequences from climate change if we don’t change our ways.


U.S. intelligence says the Russians manipulated our election process in 2016.


U.S. intelligence says that obesity will cause harm in the very near future to our country.


U.S. intelligence has a contract with amazon.com for data storage.


Doctors and medical professionals used to promote different brands of cigarettes.

What else have we been told before that was simply a money making campaign for government and corporate wealth gain and growth?

Electric vehicles will limit us more than they will save us. The infrastructure for electric vehicles is no where near what it is for diesel and gasoline vehicles.

Used to be you could get paid by the electric company for simply having solar panels, since you are providing power to the electric company. This is no longer the case.

If we continue to listen to these broad and unidentifiable organizations and unknown individuals, we will continue to lose.

I wonder how long it would take an electric vehicle to go from coast to coast in America?

How long does it take to fully charge an electric vehicle compared to a diesel or gasoline powered vehicle?

Are all plugs on electric vehicles the same? Have they been standardized?

Can you work on an electric vehicle or must you constantly get it worked on at the dealership?

How come no one cares about the deaths that have been caused by autonomous or driverless vehicles?


If you are not at the wheel, do you really have any control of where you are headed?

If you use a “Magic 8 Ball” or a “Ouija Board” to make life altering decisions, how do you know that what you are being told is even true?


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