Why I Don’t Understand the Civil War?

What do you think the Civil War was about? Was it about slavery or was it about the agricultural south and the industrial north? Why did all of those white men die to abolish slavery if it is still being brought up today? Was the Civil War about ending slavery or racism?

Do we truly know what the Civil War was fought over? Is this a failure of our education and entertainment departments?

I would think that if the Civil War was truly fought to end slavery, then it would be an honor to be white. Since it was white men that ended slavery. That’s what they tell us anyway.

Do you know why the Civil War was fought?

Take a gander at Anthony Johnson:


Read about William Ellison:


Here are some other not talked about facts and people throughout our nation’s history:


So, maybe next time don’t just blame white people.

Perhaps ask your teachers why this is always avoided and how come this is never brought up in the first place.

How come Hollywood has never made any movies or television shows about these people?

People are to blame, no matter the race or sex, never underestimate the possibility of corruption no matter the person.

I know that some will read this with a healthy dose of cynicism. To them I ask, how many white people owned slaves at that same time? If you look, you may be surprised as to how few white people actually owned slaves as well.

Perhaps, try to look at the Confederate Battle Flag (the Rebel Flag) as a desire to be independent and self sufficient once again and not as a symbol of hate.

One last note, never underestimate the ability of wordplay to twist the truth. Is there a difference between white and Caucasian? Is there a difference between white slavery or black slavery?

They are happy to point out that blacks were denied the vote and owning property. What they avoid is only tax payers were allowed to vote then and that it wasn’t only blacks that were not allowed to own property. Have you heard of the Irish or the Chinese or many other peoples who were denied these as well?

What’s the difference between a slave and an indentured servant?


13 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Understand the Civil War?

  1. What was slavery about? Money. Plain and simple. The north wanted equal share in making some of it, agriculturally that is.
    Hollywood? Money. Truth doesn’t sell at the box office and controversy stirs interest.
    White vs Black slavery? Removing my will to choose/liberty/independence is the same no matter the race.
    Servant vs slave?
    A slave is propery of an owner indefinitely. Servants served with a time limit. When the debt was paid, they were free to go.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      You got that right Dorothy, money and power plain and simple. Servants are only freed as long as their “master” honors the contract.

  2. I didn’t know that blacks had black slaves. I had only heard about whites having black slaves. Wonder why they don’t mention it? Oh, I know why! It goes against the “anti-white” narrative.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, after the Civil War they placed military bases to keep the south in check. Those military bases still stand today.

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