When You Vote Only For Brexit, You Never Really Know What Kind of Brexit You Actually Voted For.

When you only cast a ballot and expect the legislators and lawmakers to decide how to proceed, they will probably not do what you expected. Government always overreaches, no matter the country or the people. Simply voting is never enough.

If you want the government to work for you, you must continue to work against the government.

Never assume that anyone understands what you are expressing or demanding. Always spell it out. Jargon and assumptions always backfire.


33 thoughts on “When You Vote Only For Brexit, You Never Really Know What Kind of Brexit You Actually Voted For.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly Dorothy. We ain’t no mind readers and neither are they!

      I gave you a shout out today on my podcast

  1. I was in europe when the
    Brexit vote hit. It was like a
    jilted lover’s slap in the face
    to the Euro Socialists. The
    contempt for the British act
    of democratic free choice
    was palpable. I was tempted
    to have a tee shirt printed
    with “Aussie … Not English”.

  2. Reminds me of the Australian Republican movement (which I staunchly support). It’s divided between those who want a directly-elected President (i.e. people elect him) (I’m in that camp) and those who want an indirectly elected president (literally wanting the politicians to elect him). In the 1999 referendum the politicians selected the indirect election model and put THAT – AND ONLY THAT – to the people. The people rightly voted it down. There’s been heaps of talk about another, fairer referendum at some point in the future, in which the people get a say on the model, with the referendum therefore being conducted in two stages. But now that camp’s divided – some (including me) want the first referendum to ask about the model – and then the second stage of the referendum ask if we should become a republic on the model that won the previous vote, or remain under the British monarchy. At least then you know exactly what you’re voting for.
    But then the opposite (usually left-wing) side wants the first referendum to ask whether or not to become a republic – and then (if it wins, by which point there’s no turning back, and Oz will definitely become a republic) ask which model. So, the first time round (in that scenario) if I vote YES – I don’t know what I’ve just voted for; whether we’ll end up with an elected President or a politician-selected one (personally, I prefer the monarchy to that). I could, of course, just vote NO due to the uncertainty – but I could then be voting no to a directly-elected one.
    (And yes, nutcake Shorten wants the second scenario if he wins the next federal election – and in his first term.)

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