The Proposed Criminal Justice Reform Bill is a False Equivalency

This “new” bill is crap. If they truly believe in second chances, then full and total rights should be granted back upon release. If you do the crime, then you did the time, you should be a full fledged citizen once again.

I believe it was Virginia or North Carolina that allowed felons to vote in this last midterm election as well as the 2016 Presidential election. If felons can vote, then why are they barred from the 2ND Amendment?

All rights or no rights. Either leave them locked up or allow them to be full fledged citizens upon release. Anything less is a total violation of what it means to be an American citizen. They paid their debt to society, now let them move on with their life.

This is not actual reform, this is simply table scraps to the “garbage people” in society.

You can vote, but you are forbidden from ever defending yourself and your family?

Everything our government does, is at our loss and our detriment.


23 thoughts on “The Proposed Criminal Justice Reform Bill is a False Equivalency

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      They want to release more people from jail and have more programs to “help” them out upon release. Just a money making scheme.

          1. I applaud your intent & desire. But, you and I both know that the privately run prison system is a slave factory and removing rights not only continues the punishment after “release”, it also serves as a warning…”The rest of you…behave…self-correct & be quiet.”

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