What Do You Want to Say?

I’m trying to expand my blog now and hopefully my podcast in the future. I’m looking for people of all walks of life. I’m not looking to be an echo chamber, rather an outlet that hopefully will appeal to a wide audience.

If you would like your own section of bottomlesscoffee007 please send your submission to: rpenguin007@gmail.com

And I will post it along with your email, so you will be able to respond to questions and comments.

I would like to try and have a platform that virtually anyone could access to get different points of views and different types of insight.

This is not a job or a job offer, there is no pay. It is simply a free outlet to post your thoughts an observations.

In closing, I will not post anything that is threatening to anyone or anything that could be construed as illegal in the United States of America. This is not an advertising blog, Individuals only. Other than that, it’s all about freedom of speech and expression.


9 thoughts on “What Do You Want to Say?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I appreciate that vapor. I make zero money on my blog as it is. I actually pay for my blog. I’m just trying to offer to expand the authors and the audience.

      You got a damn good blog though.

      1. Ohh, thank you, I am not doing this for anything other than a creative outlet. I have read that it is possible to get some revenue from blogging/social networking. Like any vocation you get out what you put in

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly, I don’t want to be tied down or constrained by investors. That is how one limits their own freedom of expression.

          I’ll keep my day job and continue to blog. I think it is far more important to communicate rather than profit.

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