The Title Hero is Propaganda

The old retired REAR Admiral McRaven doesn’t seem to be running away from the title of Hero. Why is that? How come he isn’t coming out saying he ain’t no hero? Usually in the military, the only Heroes are the ones who paid the ultimate price.

Maybe his ego is just swollen beyond belief. You gotta be careful with them Navy Seals, they really buy into the Hollywood version of themselves. A bunch of sensititve sallys.

How come no one is talking about the Heroes of Benghazi might be receiving the Congressional Gold Medal posthumously? I guess it would just detract from the narrative.


Any of you people ever try out the position THE REAR ADMIRAL?

You know who else is a world-class turd? Retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling!

I guess when you’re a badass, you gotta make sure everyone knows that immediately and preface everything with “back when I was a team guy”!

How come no one is talking about the Navy Seals that murdered a Green Beret? I guess Seal Team Six doesn’t want that kind of publicity.

I wonder why McRaven hasn’t spoken about that?


21 thoughts on “The Title Hero is Propaganda

          1. Since you were in the military, I need your advice on something for “Zion: War of Thrones” chapter 20.
            Let’s say you were the leader of a group of soldiers, and you wanted them to be on both sides of a door covering it with their weapons and the door was locked, so you shot the lock off and entered. Using hand signals, how would you tell your team to go on either side of the door and cover it?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Hand signals, noise discipline is paramount in these types of situations.

              Basically point to the ones that I wanted on the other side of the door. Once they were set up, each person behind the first people on the door would send up a squeeze on the shoulder. Once everyone received a squeeze, the leader would then nod to the breecher.

  1. I vaguely remember something about the Green Beret getting murdered by the SEALs. Just a blip and then it was pulled & buried. UCMJ says there should have been a court martial. WTF.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, seals are beyond reproach and too bad McRaven doesn’t have the sack to talk about what he knows.

      He wants to play politics only on his terms.

  2. He reminds me of the distinguished retired officer (can’t remember which rank – it may have been general, or admiral) in the Secret City trilogy – who in the course of the novels is unmasked as the main villain. Real nasty scumbag (he was at one point knighted).
    Earlier this year I saw a movie that was completely respectful to Marines BUT had one as the villain.

      1. Aussie political thriller novel trilogy, which takes a very cynical view to politics – to both the Left and Right (more cynical/against the Right, though). Written by Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann.

          1. Good comparison! They had some anti-Left stuff (the far Left is portrayed as childish and stupid, while the far Right is portrayed as dangerous). I enjoyed the novels as political thrillers, although I didn’t always enjoy the themes (left-wing themes about trannies, for instance).

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              these “artists” cannot just simply emulate what they see, they all feel as if they are tailoring the future. its all propaganda JM. Nothing more and nothing less.

              1. Yeah, I know. They like to put it in everything. I’m sometimes willing to ignore the propaganda and enjoy the book/movie (White House Down, The Day After Tomorrow, Geostorm, etc) – without letting the propaganda affect me – but I can tell you it’s bloody annoying.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  yeah, now that’s the real danger when it comes to kids. Violence and nudity, yeah, you gotta be careful with that stuff. But the ideology they attempt to impart is the truly dangerous stuff.

                  1. Yeah. I read and watch stuff I wouldn’t when I was young as I handle it better and aren’t as “open”. But letting my little siblings watch and read some of that stuff is another matter (although thankfully my siblings are tough in that regard; they scoff – even the 5-year-old – at the mention of evolution, millions of years, or climate change; but not all kids can handle that and ignore it).

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