Females Are Hysterical

Men, women want to be appreciated and then respected. Women, men want to be respected and then appreciated. Women want to be manhandled and protected. With all of this “respect” for women, they are becoming more and more hysterical.

Women just want to know and feel that whomever they are with is first and man and second protected. Women want to be desired. Quit respecting women and begin to appreciate women.

There is a reason why women love and adore John Wayne and Sean Connery. Be a cowboy and treat your lady like a lady. There is no reason we need to be equal, it ain’t worked yet and it ain’t never gonna work!


25 thoughts on “Females Are Hysterical

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, soon I will be writing about how since the draft was abolished, men and boys are lost as to how to become real men. Without overcoming danger and real adversity, a man is never truly tested. If a man is never tested and doesn’t know the lengths they will go for freedom. How could they be real men anymore?

      I wrote a little about it here:

      I plan on expanding here in the future.

      My head is just exploding with so many ideas and topics that I haven’t worked it out completely yet.

      1. Wow. Good article.

        Regarding a man being tested, that reminds me of the Highland Games in the mountains of my state. Warriors really need challenges. If you look to nature & the wild, the buck that wins takes the females.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      Meanwhile, all of these women out here want respect since the men in their lives are too afraid to throw them over their shoulders to cross a river let alone treat them like a lady!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Ok, but what do you want more? To be respected or to be appreciated? Which one will sweep you off your feet first?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      For sure, I’m not saying that women shouldn’t be respected. If you want to give a man pride, tell him that he saved you (respect). If a man wants to win a woman, tell her that she is special (appreciation).

      I think that women want appreciation first and then respect for standing by their man.

      Whereas a man wants respect first and appreciation second for protecting and providing their woman.

      You women are magical creatures, but it takes a man to treat a lady accordingly and it takes a woman to treat a man accordingly.

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