Tar From Cigarettes Bad, Tar From Marijuana Cool?

If you smoke cigarettes you will get tar build up on your lungs = bad.

If you smoke marijuana you will get tar build up on your lungs = “it’s all good in da hood bruh”!

Vaping causes no tar = douche?

Did you know that there is basically no difference when it comes to sugar? Whether refined, raw, agave or stevia they all are pretty bad for you.

People used to say that if you listen to what everyone says, you’ll die of starvation.

Roll the dice, it’s your life. We all die eventually.


12 thoughts on “Tar From Cigarettes Bad, Tar From Marijuana Cool?

      1. Well, with tobacco & marijuana, they have other uses besides burning them & inhaling them. I’m trying to figure out what the hell is in vape steam. It clearly isn’t ‘natural’.

        Then, there is moderation. Natural tobacco was smoked by NAs. What is rolled up in modern-day cigs is hardly natural. I suspect mass produced weed will suffer the same.

        I am an ex-smoker but, I was never heavy. I learned @ 19 that me & weed didn’t get along. I would never vape. Eww…chemicals & fluoride/chlorinated water vapor…

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Alls I’m saying is we all have our vices yet we all like to talk shit about how one is better than the other.

          Look at how many swear against cigarettes yet smoke weed regularly.

          Furthermore, they celebrate when the government says they can! It’s pathetic really

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