Fist Recording, Let Me Know

Alright, this is my very first actual recording. I plan on doing this more, I’ve been told that the inflections in my voice might be a better way to express myself.



23 thoughts on “Fist Recording, Let Me Know

  1. I like your posts. If people can’t understand your point they can question it but I think that some people just love to be offended. No matter how you present yourself, someone will take offence at you free thinking and not drinking their chosen kool aid!

  2. Gosh, this is long.

    Podcasts are good but since it’s easier to talk than write it tends to go on too long.

    I listened to the first half, where you said your posts are considered radical and rigid, but that’s not necessarily your views and you’re in fact inviting dialogue and different views and perspectives than the ones you’ve outlined. Well, then say that then. Say that what you’ve written is just a thought, an idea if you will, and invite the dialogue by asking your readers to give their views.

    The way I’ve read your posts in the past is I think what you’ve written is your actual perspective. As you know, I don’t necessarily agree with all your views (or what I thought were your actual views) but I do like your posts, I just see it as controversial and thought-provoking and like every American, you’re entitled to your opinions, views and thoughts. Plus one can write whatever one wants on their own page.

    Good on you for trying something new, 007. I’ll listen, if it’s not too long. 😉

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Rakkelle.

      What is too long?

      Was my recording too long today?

      What would be an optimal span of time for you?

                    1. Oh okay…Anyway, whatever it was/is your speaking voice was great, good enough for a podcast. I’ll listen to the entire thing when I go for my morning walk.

  3. Your first recording sounded like you were in your vehicle. I could hear traffic in the background. This time, you sounded like you were in a box, closet, bathroom? There was a slight echo.

    It is good that you want dialog. How else are we supposed to learn? Debate & discussion are lost these days. What you have now are shouters (I don’t want to hear what you are saying) or arguers (I’m going to show you just how stupid you are because your opinion doesn’t matter). I’ve seen you type “I could be wrong” on more than one occasion. Your open mindedness is refreshing. Your humor can be raunchy but, I’ve never met a military man or cop or FF that wasn’t. Even Rescue can be raunchy when they aren’t gallows.

    Your interview podcasts will be very interesting.

    I see you got the link correct. BlogTalkRadio sticks advertisements in your podcast. Ick.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Victoria. The first recording I did in the bathroom stall at work on a quick break. I had no where else to go that was somewhat insulted from sound. All the other times I’m in my truck prior to work or on lunch. I usually record a few minutes once I figure out what I want to say. I combine all of the recordings. This is my first time talking to myself like this and it takes some getting used to.

      I’m working on cleaning up my “ums” and “ya knows”. I appreciate the feedback.

      I’m still figuring out how to use the microphone and the different settings. I know it’s super amateur now, but I plan on sticking with it. Hopefully like my writing, I’ll continue to get better.

      Blogtalkradio does, I was waffling between this one and another one. I’ll continue to clean up the website and hopefully figure out a way to make it load easier and free of ads.

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