Acosta Got “HIS” Whitehouse Press Pass Back

So, Acosta the Accoster got “HIS” Whitehouse Press back. Not our press pass, HIS press pass. Why is it that only certain people get to be present and ask questions at the Whitehouse everyday? What makes him so special or better than the rest of us that HE gets to have this kind of access?

It seems to me that all of these “news” outlets need to make it easier for the rest of us to get the same access they have. It seems he thinks that HIS and only HIS 1st amendment and 5th amendment rights were being taken away. Must be nice to have the budget of CNN to pay for his legal fees.

What about the rest of our rights? The rest of us out here that receive zero communication from the President or the Whitehouse. No one is fighting for us, no one is paying our legal fees.

The President, the Whitehouse, even Acosta the Accoster doesn’t address us or respond to our questions and criticisms.

It’s all palace intrigue or a celebrity gossip magazine. The East Coast vs. West Coast shenanigans of the 1990s is the model. Behind closed doors they joke and pal around. In-front of the cameras they put on a show. All of this is simple showbizssnes.


10 thoughts on “Acosta Got “HIS” Whitehouse Press Pass Back

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That would be Dope AF. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m gonna ask Santa for this year!!! F Acosta.

      The funny thing is, is if he ever saw this post, he would make a big deal about how people are slandering him online!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Not in the least. He’s a millionaire already, why would I feel sorry for a person who has wealth and fame? It’s not like he’s doing anything for me. I ain’t got time for pussies like him, I got to support my own family!

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