I’m Working on Starting a Podcast

Just a teaser. Hopefully I will get it up and running sooner rather than later.



26 thoughts on “I’m Working on Starting a Podcast

          1. Whenever I click the ‘follow’ button, it says that I have to sign up to the site to follow you, and, as I have discovered, means I have to create my own podcast. Is there any way I can follow you without signing up to blogtalkradio?

  1. I finally slowed down long enough to listen. You have a fantastic speaking voice. You could easily do radio.

    Your link, above, may not have been framed correctly. You clearly made a recording and then loaded it to your blog. It showed up as a link to nowhere when it should have looked like mine:

    Did you do this:
    [audio m4a="https://bottomlesscoffee007.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/bottomlesscoffee007-teaser-track.m4a"][/audio]

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Victoria, I can’t stand the sound of my own voice! Sorry for attaching a bum link. I hope you enjoy the podcast as well.

      1. I did. I didn’t like the adverts, tho.

        I have found that my own voice to my own ears when speaking is boring. My recorded voice is not what I hear when I speak. It is quite different. So, I like my recorded speaking voice, not my live voice. I haven’t tried recording myself singing, yet…🤔

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