I’m a Simple Man

I’m a simple man. Those who know me might even say that I am simple minded. In any regard, it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. I think too many fail to exercise Expectation Management on a daily basis. From the outside looking in, life seems pretty good. Yet, if you talk to random people many of them will have plenty to complain about, myself included.

It could be that they expect more of themselves or more from others. We all want something. However, when I step back and try to look closer, I have to admit one thing.

I am happy because I’m married to a smoking hot piece of ass. My wife has breasts that I get to see on a fairly regular basis. She has agreed to sleep in the same bed with me. Did I say that I like my wife’s boobs? From growing up and being attracted to women, now I have my very own and she is willing to do pretty awesome things with me.

I have finally ascended to happiness and harmony!

I can say one thing, I haven’t forgotten where I came from to where I am today. Only today, I don’t have to hide magazines under my shirt or lock my bedroom door!

Fellas, if there is a woman in your house that gets undressed in-front of you, you got it made.

From where I’m standing, life is pretty tits these day!


37 thoughts on “I’m a Simple Man

  1. Funnily enough the last word I’d use to describe you is simple. You’re very straightforward. People know where they stand with you and that’s very refreshing. I liked this post, I like your admiration for your wife, it makes me smile. If men DONT feel like that about their wives they are wronging them and themselves too. I like you just as you are!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Britchy. You’re such a nice lady. I had no idea that people would like this post. I thought most would be turned off by my nature.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I’m just talking shit JM. As true as it might be. To be honest, I just think that too many have forgotten or are scared to be candid.

              Just another reason why I blog anonymously. I am also afraid of the backlash that would occur to my own family.

              1. LOL! Yeah, that was the point when I said that if you’re simple minded, then I am. It’s sarcasm.
                I blog anonymously because of the royal information I give out. Greg Hallett – who knows about half of what I do (and of all the royal conspiracy researches I’ve seen/heard about online, he’s got the most info) – has survived 12 assassination attempts. 12!

                  1. Yeah. To quote a conversation from BBC’s “The Scarlet Pimpernel”:
                    Sir Percy (the Pimpernel): “Do you intend to propose?”
                    Female villain: “Yes. I propose to kill you.”
                    Percy: “How interesting. I’ve never been killed before.”
                    Female villain: “There’s always a first time.”

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I never heard of that before, the show anyway. Why do we think that somehow we are always immune from anything?

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I can’t stand the idea of kid friendly. I think it’s far better to expose children to the truth immediately. That way, they have more time to process and deal with it.

                    3. An opinion I’ve heard before – but which I’m not so sure I agree with. Don’t want to traumatise them too early (and some of the more violent ones CAN do that; for instance, I would never led a kid – pre-teen, anyway – watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom).

                    4. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Really? I mean to each their own. I think a person would mature faster and easier the earlier they were exposed to the way the world truly is.

                      If you find out by the time you’re in your teens or early twenties. I think it becomes even harder to cope.

                      Then again, I could be completely wrong.

                    5. “If you find out by the time you’re in your teens or early twenties.” – I don’t mean not finding out about the world till then. I’m talking about violent/sexual movies.
                      (“Really?” Is that a reference to the Indiana Jones comment?)

                    6. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Yeah man, Indiana is awesome! Totally great family movies, except for the last one.

                      Then again, you may be into something with movies, since ALL movies are mere fantasy.

                      Based on a true story my ass!!!

                    7. Well, I view #1 & 3 as great family movies. I tried watching Temple of Doom at night (kids in bed)… couldn’t finish it. They didn’t watch it, needless to say. It’s the heart-ripping scene that’s the biggest object.

                    8. I presume you mean the movie? It certainly is. I’ve gained a bit of respect for it since half-watching it after researching the film’s historical inspiration (the Thuggee – who really did perform human sacrifices to Kali; and while the Thuggee no longer exist, bloody human sacrifices to Kali – probably worse than in the movie – continue in some parts of India).

  2. Justin Masters

    Dude that’s why I like u !!!!!! What u see is what u get and I always enjoy or conversation and man I couldn’t be prouder to read these blogs , we need a raido show we would own it , we might talk tits , beer , football, racing, the left wing and teach people how to respect our military past and present we would own the the radio show , reading things from how u can take a subject and make it very interesting. I appreciate all the wisdom I have learned and I am very proud to pass it on to others !! Crazy how life changes I have lost over 100lbs 337lbs to 227 , I have no feelings in my hands and feet and have CHF ❤️ At the age of 35 but it is what it is ! We will do what the doctors say and push through this and come out better than ever , no regrets at all if I was to leave earth today I wouldn’t change a thing we got our 2nd truck going and plan on starting working on a third truck I need to get some stickers to put on the new trucks I got to the doc tomorrow wish me luck and give me a holla

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