Why Do Some People Want Gun Control?

Because they believe they will never ever need a gun?

From Enlightenment and Innocence to Savagery and Debauchery

From Enlightenment and Innocence to Savagery and Debauchery

Ralph, Piggy and Jack; Hogg, Jaclyn, Alex, Emma and Cameron. Parallel sets of characters with a similar plot. William Golding’s book “The Lord of The Flies” is a story of well off young boys suddenly marooned, alone and left to fend and govern themselves. Their tragic story is playing out in real time in-front of our very eyes. Their tragedy is being sanctioned and profited. They are being thrust out in front to silence us or anyone who does not agree with them on every aspect of their childlike tantrum. Like the conch shell in the book, their pain and suffering are being wielded as the most powerful tool, when in fact the very nation, Constitution and Bill of Rights is what they use to light their fire, to signal for help. If they can steal our rights and destroy our rights, then we will again be without fire, rights or life.

The saddest and most tragic aspect of both the book and these living martyrs is that, they will only realize their chosen path when they are confronted with their own maniacal devices, platforms and ultimately the loss of their ultimate tool which is freedom. Who is the “Lord of The Flies”, it is either Jack or the severed pig’s head on the end of the sharp pointy stick. If we continue this madness into disparity, confinement and prosecution, we will eventually bow down to whomever can create fire once again. Only Piggy owned his glasses, but he decided to share them to start the fires that protected them, provided for them and ultimately led to their being recognized and saved. Hopefully we will also be recognized and saved, but for now, it seems like the ships will continue to pass by our island as we are too obsessed with acceptance and fear.


26 thoughts on “Why Do Some People Want Gun Control?

  1. One group wants it because it is the quickest way to enslave. It is harder to enslave when the proposed slaves can fight back.

    The second group are tools of the first group. If they can be brainwashed, they can work inside the proposed slave group to assist with additional brainwashing. If all can be convinced that fighting back isn’t necessary, so much the better. Group one, via group two, can overcome proposed slave fear and fighting back becomes irrelevant.

        1. The Civil War was all about control – the North’s control. No-one bothered going to war – until the North occupied a fortress of the South in the South’s sovereign territory (after Secession), and the South tried to take it back. The Union used that as an excuse to go to war, force the Confederates back into the fold at the end of the bayonet – all the while claiming it’s all about slavery.

          1. THANK YOU! Race-baiters’ heads explode when you speak the truth. Don’t even get me started on the Confederate Flag screamers. I can’t stand Nikki Haley to this day because of that.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  for your comment about the truth. If the civil war was about slavery, why did it take so long for it to end? If racism is real, why did all those white boys die to free the slaves?

  2. We already have gun control. There are many laws regulating ownership and usevif guns. The debate is over how much gun control we should have.
    My opinion is that all semi-automatic guns should be banned. No one needs a semi.

      1. The best guns for home defense is a 12 guage pump shotgun. The next is a six shot revolver. I would keep those legal and rely on those two. I have those now loaded and ready.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          The best home defense gun is the one that the home owner can properly and safely manipulate and put into action.

          I hope that’s all you will ever need.

          It’s incredibly tyrannical to dictate what citizens can and cannot use.

          What happens when pump shotguns are outlawed or rapid fire will be outlawed. You gotta be careful what precedence you set. Even you may not be able to live up to your own standards one day. I wonder what you will say then?

          Another aspect is what caliber is the revolver? Does the caliber matter to you?

          1. The bigger calibers are better. A small caliber would not help much.

            That is why we vote and elect representatives to pass the laws? If the regulations they pass are too strict we vote them out of office. They should think like the voters who elect them. If not they get replaced.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I don’t believe it is the caliber that matters as much as the ability of one to use it properly does. A 12 gauge is pretty hard for some people to handle, what about the elderly or the disabled?

              It would be nice if it were so easy to rectify laws and fire representatives that fail their constituents.

              1. Last year a woman trapped in her attic shot an intruder in the head twice with a .38 piston. Did not penateate his skull. He did leave her house was was caught by the police later. This gsppdned here in Atlanta in the suburbs.
                A .32 or .22 would go even less damage.

                A pistol with a two inch barrel is pretty useless except at s distance if s few feet. Not accurate. They might scare some one away.

                A double barreled shotgun round be easier yo operate for an older or disabled person.

                I rather rely on a revolver. They don’t jam.
                I agree it is not an easy question to answer.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Revolvers are less likely to experience a failure, but they do require much more training. A semi auto is more prone to failure, but they are much easier to manipulate for most and they have a greater capacity and are easier to conceal.

                  It’s not a “one size fits all” scenario. All I’m saying is, don’t limit the law abiders based on the criminals.

                2. bottomlesscoffee007

                  At the same time a double barreled shotgun is much longer and harder to reload. Whereas an AR 15 is smaller and from what I can tell easier to shoot and have follow up shots, besides the .223 is a .22 caliber round, smaller and much more efficient than a shotgun, this is my opinion though.

  3. Marleen

    My answer: because it’s Constitutional (and it’s absence, negligent).

    Remember: “well-regulated.” See Second Amendment.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      So Marleen, what is your definition of “well regulated”? If the constitution granted the rights to the people and enacted the restrictions on the government, then why is it the job of any government to enact restrictions on the people?

      How is gun control constitutional?

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      With that type of attitude Marleen, it seems that you are too happy to exert your will over others.

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