Are You Content With Who You Are?

If you could visit your younger self, would you? Would you be able to simply hang out and not give any advice or warnings? We all may have done things in the past that we may be shameful or embarrassed of now. However, do you appreciate the lessons you have learned along the way?

Would you be able to tolerate your younger self today? Do you remember who you once were? Would you embrace your younger self or would you brush him or her aside?

When you look in the mirror or when you are alone, are you ok with who you are now? Would you be able to look your younger self in the eye? Do you know who you are?

10 years from now, how will you reflect on today?

Regardless of what happened then, it has shaped who you may be today. If you cannot accept who you used to be, what makes you think that you will ever be at peace with what you are today?

“No matter where you go, there you are”


5 thoughts on “Are You Content With Who You Are?

  1. Thought-provoking post. I would not want to go back in time and change anything I have done in the past, even if it might be tempting. You never know what it could do.

  2. There are things I wish I could change…information I needed to know that would have prevented NEEDLESS suffering. I don’t mean that I wish I was born rich or had better opportunities but, small, key pieces of info that would have assisted with better navigation thru life. The mistakes of youth, I wouldn’t change. Those are experiences that are a part of the journey.

    I am very content with who I am…now, despite wandering thru some things blind…when I didn’t have to.

    If I could meet myself @ 15, OH the information I would share…be the mentor I never got. With some additional perspective, I might have avoided some awful things.

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