11 thoughts on “Sooooo, on Fox They Say Russia is a Hoax and Voter Fraud is Rampant, But on CNN and Every Other Channel They Say Russia is Real and Voter Fraud is a Diversion Tactic

  1. Anonymous

    And perhaps Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is not a Red Tyrant, but a
    White Russian, who thinks he’s the
    reincarnation of Peter the Great, and wants to make the Soviet Empire
    great again!?

  2. Abisai

    How America manages Eurasia is crucial,” Brzezinski wrote.

    “A mere glance at the map suggests that mastery of Eurasia would automatically entail hegemony over the world’s most advanced and economically productive regions,”

    Whatever narrative one chooses to follow I.e Fox, CNN, etc.. Brezezinkski’s vision is in full motion. And Trump is not intent on stopping what has been started but will only continue the tug of American hegemony across Eurasia and the world.

    The question is at what cost? As many of Amercan foes are increasingly reluctant to respect American hegemony. On the other hand it continues to be defied and challenged if at times merely symbolically. And it’s like a slow cooker ready to pop.

      1. Abisai

        Or the elephant in the room is finally seen by the American public. Who controls the banks, Hollywood, the music industry, the biggest lobbying groups in Congress. Who receives the most “foreign aid”? Follow the money baby.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          It wasn’t until Trump that America finally became an energy exporter. That alone might settle some of the “pressure”. At least, it would be nice.

          Eurasia is loaded with treasures, just look at the geology of Afghanistan. For generations we were falsely told that America has no true resources.

          We are lectured about “climate change” only to encourage more taxation and payments to foreign governments. For resources that we have in our own country. There is no need for senseless war now, since we can be self sufficient. Since we are finally able to be self sufficient for the first time in almost 100 years.

          1. Abisai

            Indeed the global taxation is a real threat as we are being conditioned to believe the climate hoax. Even our children are attacked with such propaganda as the Lorax, where people pay for the air they breath. Social conditioning.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Baby steps in a better direction. Perhaps not the right direction yet, but hopefully “veering” towards the proper direction.

              A great man that I admire once told me “you cannot feed a baby steak, it will surely choke to death” small bites and morsels of truth.

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