Reader Request Friday 16 November 2018

Thanks to everyone who participated in the November 16th2018 Reader Request Friday. The first shout out goes to Britchy as she was the first to request her topic of choice which is “Entertainment”.

Britchy is an export from Great Britian, she came to America, I don’t know when. But once she got here, she did what she could to earn her citizenship, just in time to vote in the 2016 Presidential election!!! She volunteers for practically every election to serve as an Election Inspector. Thanks for your selfless service Britchy.

If you want to read more of this saucy Ex-Brit’s writings, head on over to I’m sure you will find plenty to ponder, laugh or scowl at.

On a side note, Britchy was the first blogger I ever followed and she has helped me to navigate and understand this whole Blogging thing much more than I would have ever figured out on my own.



This topic and these questions were requested by Britchy over @

*Q1. What TV Shows do you like?

*A1. The Americans:

How It’s Made:

South Park:


Band of Brothers:

the Pacific:

and of course the “News” is quite entertaining to watch.

*Q2. What do you think of the Kardashians?

*A2. I think they are absolute geniuses. They’ve made billions off of just being themselves. I probably couldn’t be friends with them (because I’m a perve) and since they are probably total assholes, but I respect their business mindset. They are living proof that everything is for sale, yet they still get to name their own price.

I wouldn’t do what they did, but I will acknowledge their shrewd business mindset.

*Q3. Bruce/Caitlyn – brave or calculated/money seeking?

*A3. From what I gather Bruce had a pretty good-sized dong, I’m sure he could’ve just tucked it. But in any regard, CRAZY AF!!! Now he has an open wound that he has to maintain in a constant state of healing/open wound. If he was gay this whole time no one would’ve cared, but as an athlete, he had to go the extra mile (pun intended) and cut it off!


It is strange that “she” is not considered culpable for when “Bruce” killed people in a car wreck. Allegedly “Bruce” is considered a completely different person from Caitlyn, so by the time the investigation was complete, apparently Caitlyn was half way done, but had “legally” become Caitlyn. She was let off the hook, I know he/she paid a settlement, but I don’t know all the “ins and outs” (pun intended) of it. LOL

Definitely not brave, more like psychotic. Money seeking for sure. I must say, it seems that the Kardashians affect pretty much all men that come in contact with them the same. None are better afterwards. It makes me wonder, what really happens behind closed doors? Satanic rituals, polyamory, perhaps they simply “peg” them into submission. In any regard, Caitlyn is now on a permanent rag!

*Q4. What is your opinion on Hollywood’s influence on everyday life?

*A4. I think that people tend to forget that Hollywood is plastic and that actors and actresses make their living pretending to be other people. I think that this type of profession has compounding negative effects. Actors and actresses will admit to “becoming” their character for months at a time, this cannot be healthy.

The Hollywood life is filled with drastic ups and downs, work is not permanent and the overall image may seem glamorous to some, but the glamour is the profession of the costume, hair and makeup departments. In Hollywood or any type of entertainment industry you are constantly seeking the approval of others, your very way of life depends on it. You lose who you are.

Why else would the Hollywood/entertainment industry be so inflated with divorces, arrests, drug and alcohol addictions, plastic surgery nightmares, constant sex and nudity and everlong rehabilitation. Whenever a person is constantly reinventing themselves, I wonder, what was so bad with the original you?

People need to realize that the Hollywood/entertainment industries are union jobs. They are not being truthful with who they are when they state their “stances or opinions”, they are simply towing the union line.

*Q5. Are you a sports fan?

*A5. I’m probably not really any kind of sports fan, but I do like friends, beer and food all in the same location.

*Q6. What sports do you like?

*A6. By myself, none really. With friends, beer and food, I can tolerate practically any sport. Although, I am a sucker for women’s beach volleyball!

*Q7. Do you enjoy trips to the cinema?

*A7. Yeah, its fun.

*Q8. What kind of movies do you like?

*A8. Primary comedy or action. My Favorite Movies are:

  1. Anchorman:
  2. Lone Wolf McQuade
  3. Talladega Nights
  4. Step Brothers
  5. Predator

6. Black Dynamite

And that’s about it…..

*Q9. What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving Dinner?

*A9. Turkey Skin, I wish the entire turkey was skin.

*Q10. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Dessert?

*A10. Pie Crust, I wish the entire pie was nothing but golden, crispy, flakey delicious crust

*Q11. Do you do Black Friday or Small Business Saturday?

*Q11. Neither, maybe cyber Monday, but I usually don’t wait to buy stuff, I just buy it when I need it.

*Q12. Do you read a newspaper or any magazines?

*A12. Nope.

*Q13. Do you like to read books?

*A13. I used to, but haven’t in a long time. I am reading the KJV currently, but that’s more of a conviction than anything else.

*Q14. Do you like to play games like monopoly etc.?

*A14. I really do enjoy monopoly, when given the opportunity. Outside of that, no other board games come to mind.

*Q15. What kinds of music do you like?

A15. Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, a little Country.

*Q16. Do you go to concerts?

A16. No.

*Q17. Do you ever go to the theater?

*A17. I’ve never been to be honest.

*Q18 .What would be the ideal family day out for you if you could go anywhere for a day trip and the cost of tickets etc. wasn’t an object?

*A18. I think it’d be pretty cool to go to Antarctica in a zeppelin, not a lot of people have been there. Like one of my favorite movies as a child “Island At The Top of the World”


JM over @ wanted my opinion on the following:

*Q.Your thoughts on the Israel-Palestine issue – including land claims, two state solution, Palestinian terror and Israeli response?

*A. I am not completely up to speed on this to be quite honest, but I do have thoughts and opinions. The Israel – Palestine issue is only an issue because Palestine will not compromise and they will not deal. From what I gather Israel has from its founding been negotiating and trying to strike a deal with Palestine.

  • Land claims, at the end of the day, possession is 9/10ths of the law. Whether its criminal or not, whoever inhabits the land by default is the land owner. Some nations would refer to this as “homesteading”, others would refer to it as conquering. Either way, this is how land has been owned since Adam and Eve.


  • The Two-State Solution, will never work, since Palestine wants to wipe the Jews and Israel off the map and out of existence. Inside of Israel though Jews, Christians and Muslims generally exist in somewhat harmony.


  • Palestinian Terror and Israel Response: You don’t exist as the sole democracy and a Jewish and Christian state inside of the middle east without being tough as nails and fast as lightning. Every single nation inside of the Middle East wants to destroy Judaism and Israel.

I hope my amateur answer will suffice JM. You probably know more about this than me. This is my understanding of your question to the best of my ability.

***Side note, I know that Palestine is not a country, simply a people.***


Rakkelle over @ asked about “Fashion”!

*Q1. Who is the best-dressed person you know and why?

*A1. Besides myself, probably my wife. Why, because she’s got the perfect body. She looks good with clothes on and with clothes off.

*Q2. Who do you think is the best-dressed male and female celebrity? Why do you think so?

*A2. I would go with Chris Pratt, he looks quite dapper in jeans or in a suit. Female celebrity, gosh I just think these women are super-hot and natural:

Monica Bellucci


Maria Bartiromoiu-2.jpeg

Britney Spears


Lauren Velez


Badd Angel, she’s a youtube person


Paula Pattoniur-1.jpeg


Ashley Grahamiu-3.jpeg

Olivia Jensen


I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

*Q3. What is your personal style?

*A3. Casual I guess

*Q3B. Are you a shoes, sneakers or boots guy?

*A3B. Probably boots and sneakers

*Q3C. What’s your take on men wearing sandals?

*A3C. To each their own. I don’t personally, but some guys can pull it off.

*Q4. What do you think about Crocs? Love or Hate?

*A4. I think Crocs are pretty legit.

*Q5. Describe a perfectly dressed man for a formal party? Include the colors of all the pieces including the cufflinks.

*A5. I’ve never been to a formal party outside of the military. We have Military Balls, where you wear your dress uniform and a bowtie. With having said that, I really don’t know. Maybe a Black Tuxedo with a white shirt, black socks, black shoes and a black bow tie? Cufflinks, I have never worn cufflinks and aren’t they like earrings for your sleeves? I will take suspenders over a cummerbund any day of the week though.


*Q6. Describe the perfectly dressed lady for Sunday brunch? Include the color and type of material of her attire on all her pieces.

*A6. I guess it depends on the weather. I’ve never been to a Sunday brunch but I’ll give it my best. A linen sundress, flower pattern, sandals or shoes and that’s all I got.

*Q7. How do you feel about hair extensions?

*A7. Never really thought about em, whateves. Like a hat, if you like it wear it.

***The one thing I will say about fashion is that fashion proves that the original design is still relevant thousands of years later. The shape of a man or the shape of a woman is still desirable. The clothes and accessories only accentuate what you already got.

If you want to look good in clothes, make the clothes fit the body, not the other way around.

The cleave of the breast, the line of the shoulders, the curve of the hip and the jiggle of the buttocks.***

*Q8. At what age should a woman cease wearing a bikini?

*A8. Whenever she feels like it, hopefully her progression will lead to nudity!

*Q9. Do you think mini-skirts should be worn at all ages if a woman has nice legs?

*A9. Nice legs are the ones that go all the way up and make an ass out of themselves. Nice legs also have the tendency to open from time to time as well. I enjoy looking at all kinds of lady legs. Wear whatever you want.

*Q10. If money wasn’t an option which high-end designed would you wear all the time.

*A10. I am a huge fan of God, so I would be nude all the time if money was no object.

***There is a Judge over in Federal Court, where it is “rumored” that he “prefers” that female attorneys appear before him in skirt suits.***

*Q11. How do you feel about women in pants suits?

*A11. As long as they are real women, I’m just happy to imagine what is under their suit. They can wear a burlap sack or overalls. I really don’t care.

*Q11B. Do you think women appear more powerful in pants or skirt suits?

*A11B. It depends on her audience and what the woman is trying to do. If she wants to win, she’ll do whatever it takes.

*Q12. What’s your preferred high heel shoe for women? Pumps, strappy toe-showing stilettoes or other kind of high heels?

*A12. I don’t know the name, but these look nice:


Well, that’s it for today. Thanks to Britchy, JM and Rakkelle.

Don’t forget to host your own Reader Request Friday, next week 23 November 2018, just in time for Black Friday.


41 thoughts on “Reader Request Friday 16 November 2018

  1. That was really interesting! I like chicken skin but not turkey skin – weird huh? I have been inside the arctic circle and stayed in an ice hotel. I’m glad I did it – emphasis on the did! I’m not a fan of cold. I don’t know what I was thinking lol

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          So, Britchy what didn’t you like about the Reader Request? I ask so I know for the future, I really want to grow.

          It’s nothing personal, but I would really like to know. If it’s bad, I’ll drop it. There is no sense in doing something that people don’t enjoy.

          1. Oh I’m sorry, I meant I wouldn’t do the ice hotel thing again, not the reader request – I loved that. I’m planning to ask for questions tomorrow for next Friday in fact. There’s nothing about it I didn’t like

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Whew! Gotcha. I was worried that it was a flop. Thanks for the clarification Britchy.

              For future reference, I am trying some new things out. So please, if you think anything I’m trying is crap, please let me know.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Christmas would be nice. I have taken your example and decided to do it once a month. I will be doing my next one for New Years.

  2. I have been trying to get over here all day, 007 to read your RRF. I’m glad I finally made it over.

    What a nice shout out to Britchy! Brithy’s blog is pretty damn entertaining not surprised she’s the first blog you followed.

    A2. “South Park” and “Seinfeld”, two of my faves.

    Do you now watch “Comedians in Cars getting Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”? It’s pretty good.

    Q4. Excellent response. So very true!

    Q5. Yassss! Put them all in the same location and I’m good just don’t expect to know what’s happening on the big screen.

    A8. I see you like the classics. All funny choices…I have never seen ” Black Dynamite” though. Gotta check it out.

    I like your answer to the Israel/Palestine debacle. Your response was not amateur at all.

    My Questions –

    A1. Damn bro – after 15 years you’re still so in lust. 😁 I absolutely love it!

    A2. I see you like your ladies thick (and real).

    A3b. Yeah, I would have guess boots.

    A5. Yesssss to the suspenders over cummerbund.

    A8. 😂😂😂😂😂

    A12. I think those are Mary Janes.

    Always a pleasure reading your RRF responses.

    What’s you topic for next week or are we just throwing anything out there?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Dang, thanks Rakkelle. I really appreciate it. Throw anything out there you want Rakkelle. Although I think I will try to lay low until Sunday as far as the RRF is concerned. I will probably compose a RRF invite the last week of November, I really like Britchy’s idea.

      Hope you’re staying warm. I like the pic of you in the airport. Your husband is a lucky man!!!

  3. VERY interesting and eye-opening comments. Your comments on the Israel-Palestine thing is spot on, and in line with my own views. The others were entertaining, to say the least!
    I’ve never seen any of the favourite movies you listed (my favourite genres are disaster, science fiction, and action).
    Is the military ball pic of you/one you attended?

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      1. Sarcasm in a written form isn’t easily detectable.
        Maria Bartiromo looks like she’s drunk and maybe just sniffed some glue in that picture, so I was confused why you’d choose it.
        And I didn’t like the shoes.
        But now that I write it, I realize that it’s personal preference and maybe I’m too superficial…

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Maybe I just have low standards Goldie! LOL (sarcasm).

          We all have our preferences. That’s what I missed about you, your honesty. Seriously Goldie never lose it and always use it.

          I can take criticism, I’d rather hear it than not to be honest. How else will I get better if I don’t receive criticism?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I’m an open book Goldie, I don’t want you to be confused. Your one of my best readers.

      Please, let me know, Id want to clear this up for you so you always understand where I am coming from. Whether I am serious or not.

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