I Can’t Stand Whiny Christians Always Bringing God into it

I’m a Christian. I have faith and believe in God. But because of this I don’t think that somehow I am immune from humanity. I can’t stands these whiny fucking Christians always asking people to pray for them.

I can’t stand these bitch ass Christians acting innocent and beyond reproach. Just because you accepted Christ into your life, doesn’t mean that suddenly your a good person.

What happened to the warrior Jews and Christians from the Old Testament? Fighting and warring. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Iron Sharpens Iron. If you wanna be strong, your resolve must be tested.

Too many of these fucking coward Christians always hiding behind their bible. They complain of attacks and satan. Strike back you fucking faggots. If you truly believe in God, why are you scared?

I know more atheists and agnostics that have more gumption, moxie and faith than these fake ass Christians.

Step 1, grab your ball sack or pussy

Step 2, thank God

Step 3, commence to prophecizing

Step 4, make a bitch ass Christian flinch

You’re Welcome!!!


11 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand Whiny Christians Always Bringing God into it

  1. I’m probably somewhere between those whom you’re complaining about and you, with your seeming propensity to attack/defend. I view prayer as something that will change my own heart towards a situation, that I perceive as unjust. The resulting consequence is peace. If there is some action required it will be deliberate and out of Love not seeking retribution.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Alls I’m saying is. If you believe that Jesus dies on the cross for all of us. So that we all could be absolved of our sin. And he did that without whining or complaining. Why do these supposed Christians constantly complain and bring up their ideology?

      I’m just saying, quit whining and get on with it. Either do something or do nothing but quit hiding behind God.

      This type of behavior just solidifies my observation that victim status is the preferred status for many. Whether real or manufactured.

      1. He is indeed my refuge, I find no fault in how others deal with their pain. If I am to be of maximum service I attempted to be an example of His peace and strength. “Whenever I am disturbed it is because I find some person, or situation unacceptable to me, until I could accept myself as I am I could find no solace, I need to focus less on what I think needs to change outside of me and more on myself and my attitude

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I can relate and understand. I’m just calling bullshit when I see it. Then again, I could be totally wrong. I don’t discount my own ignorance on anything.

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