Women Commit Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Far More Than Men in the U.S.

Women tend to be the “touchy feely” species. From caressing a man’s arm to tight and snuggly hugs. Men are ordered not to touch or look or even compliment a woman. But for women, everything is considered fair game. Women will always address a man’s appearance, whether among friends or colleagues.

The same is true for gay men, they enjoy the same latitude that women enjoy when it comes to objectifying men.

I don’t think the majority of men are offended by this in the moment, they just want a piece. Like when Eve offered the fruit to Adam. We are basically willing to do what is needed in the moment for some “action”.

Just don’t pretend like women and gay men aren’t sexual predators. Own up to your proclivity and quit prosecuting men. Unless you cannot or will not live up to the same standards you decree the other half live by!

How fair is it that women control half the money but all the pussy?

The examples are everywhere.

The Ellen Show:

The View:

The Real:

Men just want to stick their dicks in stuff, women use that to their advantage.

If you have ever been to a strip club or an “All Male Review” the differences would be as clear as night and day.

I’m curious about you, the reader’s thoughts on this?

True or false?


12 thoughts on “Women Commit Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Far More Than Men in the U.S.

  1. That very behavior got Kimberly Guilfoyle (frog mouth), ex-wife of Gavin Newsome, kicked off of Fox News. She is a nutty bitch. Her assistants hated her and she was notorious for talking about her sex life, in gory detail. When Gretchen Carlson went after Roger Ailes, Guilfoyle went on a rampage, demanding loyalty to Ailes:

    She is a piece of work. And, that mouth…hm. 🤔🙄

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Isn’t she dating Don Jr. now? The trumps have a propensity for ladies with dirty mouths it seems.

      Hasn’t Gretchen Carlson also been in hot water lately with how she has treated the contestants and the contest of Miss America?

      Dirty bitches, Victoria!

      1. As of Oct. 23, they were still together.

        Carlson is a former beauty queen, herself. I don’t know the whole story, there but, honestly…this world is so full of delicate, little snowflakes that Carlson may have just been stern and they were just crushed & insulted. The pageant world is not for the faint of heart. And Carlson had just come from a battle with Ailes/Fox News…and won. She’s no shrinking violet. She may have told her little girlie babies to “suck it up, buttercup.” If they took offense, then she looks like the bad person. Who knows… I graduated HS with Miss Black America 1986:
        and was in the HS pageant with her that started her career. Pageants are NOT a breeze. It is f****** tough.

        Rachel went on to sing with Atlantic Starr for a time:

        If you look up “Masterpiece” on YouTube, you’ll see Rachel singing backup in the video. As a side note, Rachel is a piece of work, too. When she shows up for reunions, she gets a lot of eye-rolls & sighs. Rachel is allllllllll about Rachel.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I’m not saying it’s easy. Just that no one is immune from being bullied and no one is innocent of being a bully.

  2. I keep my hands to myself. I like my personal space so , unless I fell or something, I stay out of other people’s. I do tell people, Male or female if they look nice today but you can do that without being anything but pleasant. I have never been misconstrued anyway. I have no time for double standards. That’s what all this boils down to and it sucks.

    1. I am the same… hands to myself and no double standars here either. Others who do act like the ladies above should follow suit because you are right Coffee it isn’t fair or right. Great awareness post.

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