Which is More Favorable?

The story that is being pushed is that women used to not have access to birth control or that out of wedlock children would surely doom a woman forever.

So today they celebrate abortions.

Which in your mind is more favorable?

An out of wedlock child or an abortion?

If you had to chose, which one would you pick?

Then again, what could a person do to avoid having to choose?


46 thoughts on “Which is More Favorable?

  1. While the pill didn’t come about until the 60’s, there were other forms of birth control. Condoms have been around since 1855 soooo that argument doesn’t hold water. Pre 60’s out of wedlock pregnancy was not socially acceptable, not so today, in fact its rewarded if you say you dont know who the father is. Oklahoma will send you a check for $1,500.00 a month in lieu of child support.
    Lets talk choice, shall we? As a woman, I choose if I want to have sex, when, where and how. I choose to use protection or not. I choose to get pregnant then I get to choose to have the baby or not. If I choose to have it, the guy has to pay child support whether he feels ready or wants a child or not. If married and we divorce, I almost always get the kids….
    My question is, where do men get choices?
    Choose abstinence, choose protection, choose responsibly or choice over.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      There ya go Laura. There is always adoption, somehow this choice seems to always be avoided.
      For some reason, some people think that men have no rights choosing or even discussing this.
      And people wonder why the division seems to continue to grow.

      1. Its because “equal rights” ” equality” etc, never really mean that. What they really mean is – “more than”, “my way” & ” in my favor” and at the expense of others, sadly.

  2. I’d have a baby out of wedlock over an abortion any day. I don’t think I could cope with abortion BUT – I want the choice there for others. I want it to be legal and clean. I do not want it to be a form of birth control though

      1. I’m not going down that route because if I start saying abortion can’t be paid by Medicaid/insurance companies etc where does it stop? Can I refuse heart meds to an obese person? Cancer drugs to a smoker?
        Tax dollars need to go to
        Health Insurance and then the government needs to back the eff out.
        There’s far too much government control as it is. Yes, I don’t want to pay for an abortion I don’t want. I don’t want to pay for methadone that I think is pretty much the equivalent of heroine and not the answer to the problem too but thankfully, I’m not making decisions on others healthcare and nor should anyone. There are abuses but tell me a system that doesn’t have that.

      1. Oh agreed. I know I couldn’t give up a child so I answered purely based on ‘what I’d do if pregnant’
        Birth control is very easy. There are several methods and crossing your fingers and praying for luck isn’t one of them. Abstinence is fine in theory but let’s face it, most don’t!
        Abortion is something I personally find horrific but equally horrific are babies born addicted to crack. Children going hungry, neglected and abused. Somewhere along the line it all boils down to education.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Responsibility and accountability.

          The same people who are outraged over the term “retard or retarded” somehow think it’s ok to abort a baby that may have defects.

        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          There’s always a cost and a compromise. Nothing is ever free, no matter what anyone says.

          Plus, in today’s day and age, with all of the masturbation technology, how is abstinence always laughed at.

          With over 4 1/2 years in combat, in an all male unit, I can tell you with certainty that masturbation works.

          No one ever died from lack of sex.

          But people have died from having sex.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Why is it that the same people who don’t believe in God or in the immaculate conception of Christ, somehow believe that women have no control over whether they get pregnant or not?

  3. I believe that in order to be helpful, I attempt to avoid making assumptions about and making judgments. Sure it’s easy to say many are using pregnancy termination as birth control. The two major sides of this debate, have dehumanized each other to the point where conversation is impossible. I think a gentler reasoned approach may help more find alternatives

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That would require thoughtful people coming together from both sides. I don’t think these people exist to be honest, I wish they did though.

      1. The objective is division and if we are to salvage our republic we will need to be smarter. The opposition always over play their hand and look like the lunatics, sit back and watch as they cheat themselves out of power

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Then it depends on what you or anyone is willing to admit as truth. The truth is, the truth is always played as subjective, since propaganda is prevalent.

      1. It all has to be solid on a personal level first and foremost, then let the ripples go out, if the adversary is reduced to name calling know that you’ve won and carry on as if you have

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          You got a funny way of writing Vapor. I find myself reading your posts and comments more than once. You got solid stuff to say, but a funny way of going about it.

          In any regard, I enjoy it.

  4. I had an abortion in my middle 20s. I was on a medication that caused severe birth defects. I was only 8 weeks when realized I was pregnant…the one & only time I was ever pregnant. The father paid for it. I had to be escorted into the clinic by Deputies because the protesters were trying to block cars & screaming & throwing things & spitting.

    It was an awful experience & I nearly died. It shocked my system & my BP bottomed out. If a woman decides to use THAT as a form of BC, they are nuts.

      1. Thanks. Abortion serves a purpose but, like anything else, it gets corrupted & abused. If a pregnancy is going to kill mother & baby or, the child will have a miserable life, what is the point?

        Besides, with what I know of the Chris Thomas material, if something goes horribly wrong, the soul with withdraw from the fetus/body & seek out another opportunity.

        Here is an idea…practice some self control & use the damn aspirin.

          1. Nah. LOL! It was a reference to my parents generation. “Good girls” stayed pure for their wedding nights holding an aspirin between their knees. You’ve never heard that, before?

      1. Plus, despite our “Christian” moral scruples, there’s nothing Biblically (and therefore morally) objectionable about having a child outside of state marriage. Our modern state marriage – with license and everything – is a modern invention less than two centuries old. Marriage licenses were introduced and mandated to prevent interracial marriages. And many marriage customs are of pagan origin. In short, I firmly believe in the old Biblical marriage: simply get together and live as husband and wife. You’re married. Period.

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