RRF 16 November 2018

Alright, you people have until tomorrow morning to finalize your requests. I already received Britchy’s, Rakkelle’s, JM and Rue’s requests.

If there are anymore, please put your requests in the comments section.


6 thoughts on “RRF 16 November 2018

  1. My specific questions about fashion:

    1) Who is the best-dressed person you know and why?

    2) Who do you think is the best-dressed male and female celebrity? Why do you think so?

    3) What is your personal style?
    3b) Are you a shoes, sneakers or boots guy?
    3c) What’s your take on men wearing sandals?

    4) What do you think about crocs? Love or hate?

    5) Describe a perfectly dressed man for a formal party? Include the colors of all the pieces including the cufflinks.

    6) Describe the perfectly dressed lady for Sunday brunch? Include the color and type of material of her attire on all her pieces.

    7) How do you feel about hair extensions?

    8) At what age should I woman cease wearing a bikini?

    9) Do you think mini skirts should be worn at all ages if a woman has nice legs?

    10) If money wasn’t an option which high-end designer would you wear all the time.

      1. Just a few more -:

        There is a Judge over in Federal Court, where it is “rumored” that he “prefers” that female attorneys appear before him in skirt suits.

        11) How do feel about women in pants suits?
        11b) Do you think women appear more powerful in pants or skirts suits?

        12) What’s your preferred high heel shoe for women? Pumps, strappy toe-showing stilettoes or other kind of high heels? Add a photo of your preference with your answer.

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