How Come People Remember Slavery in the U.S., but Don’t Remember Socialism Throughout the World?

Is this willful ignorance or simply manipulation via education? Slavery ended in the U.S. about 150 years ago. Socialism on the other hand is still being practiced around the world. The examples of Socialism and its tendency to starve, kill and rape millions over the last hundred years is prevalent from Venezuela to the Ukraine, Germany and China.

There are many other socialist nations, that are thought of as rational and wonderful. But those are fairytales. There is no successful socialist nation and there never has been a successful socialist people.

If you hear “National Socialist” and you roll your eyes, then you are part of the problem. You are content knowing that the many who champion socialism do so in the hopes to fool the masses. Jesus was not a socialist and he was not a capitalist. Quit trying to bring religion into your argument. Religion is what the socialist leaders of defunct nations use to control their people.

In the eyes of the socialist, the state is the ultimate power, not God.

Socialism never has and cannot exist without communism or fascism. Socialism is simply a tenant or a staple of communism or fascism.

The same people who voted for socialism eventually ended up in a work camp themselves.

Just because you support socialism, doesn’t mean that you will be immune from the symptoms and side effects of socialism.


23 thoughts on “How Come People Remember Slavery in the U.S., but Don’t Remember Socialism Throughout the World?

  1. It is in my opinion, manipulation of the narrative. The perpetually aggrieved must be provided retribution by the destruction of the “status quo” deemed oppressive, even though when examined thoughtful is liberating to the individual, however dangerous to the state

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      And we fall for it every time! Guy tells doctor, “it hurts when I do this”, doctor says “don’t do that”!

  2. Slavery is back on the rise
    around the world, in the dark
    places where the tourist do
    not go.
    For many living in the free
    west, the social and
    cultural damage caused by
    slavery is still very real.
    Socialism is a failed experiment, but since the fall
    of the Berlin Wall, capitalism
    has been freed of any moral
    restraint. ‘Globalism’ has
    economically enslaved
    millions. Yes, Stalin murdered
    millions (in Pogroms, and in the Ukraine). But he is dead
    and gone. The problems of
    today flow mainly from
    borderless corporate greed,
    beyond laws and governance. Polluters without
    conscience. Along with Religious
    and nationalistic fanatics.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The idea that socialism is free of greed though is quite contrary to human behavior and the human spirit. From the dawn of time up through today and the future.

  3. When I look at the ecomonic
    state of the world today, what
    stands out to me is the modus
    operandi of the Wall Street
    Karl Marx was an eco omist,
    not a prophet. He miscalculated
    the intrinsic greed on men
    and the corruption of power.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Then again, no one is forced to buy a house or anything for that matter. What happens to those who exercised caution and saved and bought with cash? Are they to pay also for the decisions of others?

      Corporations and greed and crime will always be apparent. PT Barnum famously said, if I remember correctly, “a sucker is born every minute”. Or something along those lines.

      Why go to extremes since the lay people are the only ones who will suffer.

      Wall Street will not be affected by socialism. Regular folks will.

  4. Government is there to protect
    the people.
    Not to try and make all people
    But who protects the people
    from Government that is hell
    bent on some ideological crusade.
    China, and most other ‘Socialist’
    countries have reverted to a
    form of feudalism, with an all
    powerful Emperor. Where the
    ‘democratic’ west is fractured, and divided.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The government is filled with people who like the rest of us are fallible and corruptible.

      That’s how we got here in the first place.

      How would more control help more?

      1. Some sell their soul
        for total control 🎶
        I’m for small government
        that minds it’s own business.
        Like defending borders,
        protecting the weak
        and vulnerable, etc.
        In a dog eat dog society
        everbody, eventually
        get’s bitten 🐕.

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